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Natural Ways To Treat Ulcerative Colitis

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Ulcerative Colitis Diet: Foods Supplements And Natural Remedies

How to Treat Ulcerative Colitis Naturally

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcer symptoms, or sores in the digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis affects the innermost lining of the large intestine and rectum.

This inflammatory disease can be debilitating, and sometimes it can even lead to life-threatening complications. Ulcerative colitis may lead to a narrowed area of the intestines, making it harder to pass stool. It may also lead to swelling in the colon, intense diarrhea, joint pain, and scarring of the bile ducts and pancreas.

Ulcerative colitis most often begins gradually and can become worse over time. The symptoms of this inflammatory disease can be mild to severe, and most people have periods of remission, times when the symptoms disappear, which can last for weeks or years. While there is no known cure for ulcerative colitis, there are natural treatments that can greatly reduce signs and symptoms of the disease and result in long-term remission.

Find Ways To Chill Out

All of the stress-busting suggestions above are extra important when youre in the midst of a flare-up. Cohen also recommends implementing deep breathing exercises before every meal, as this relaxes your body and mind allows you to digest more optimally. And, since youll be eating 4-6 smaller meals, this is a great way to get a dose of calm at multiple points in the day.

What Is The Outlook

With modern medical and surgical treatment, there is just a slight increase in the risk of death in the first two years after diagnosis, compared with the general population. After this there is little difference in life expectancy from that of the general population. However, a severe flare-up of ulcerative colitis is still a potentially life-threatening illness and needs expert medical attention.

As mentioned, if you do not take medication to prevent flare-ups, about half of people with ulcerative colitis have a relapse on average once a year. This is much reduced by taking regular medication. However, even in those who take regular medication, some people have frequent flare-ups and about a quarter of people with ulcerative colitis eventually have an operation to remove their colon.

A year from diagnosis, about 9 in 10 people with ulcerative colitis are fully capable of work. So, this means that, in the majority of cases, with the help of treatment, the disease is manageable enough to maintain a near-normal life. However, the condition can cause significant employment problems for a minority.

Treatment for ulcerative colitis is an evolving field. Various new medicines are under investigation. These may change the treatment options over the next ten years or so and improve the outlook .

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Tools To Assess Ibd Patients

As a general work up I like to assess the colonic microbiota of any patient with inflammatory bowel disease.

Many times the results from these DNA based microbiota stool tests show an overabundance of pro-inflammatory bacteria and a . With these results the approach would be to modulate the gut and flip that presentation.

Often times we will see overgrowth of pro-inflammatory bacteria in the proteobacteria phylum. Overgrowths of bacteria from the Enterobacteriaceae family could be a significant driver in many IBD patients.

Bacteria in this family include, among others

A second family of bacteria within the same phylum that isnt often discussed in the context of inflammatory bowel disease is a group of bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide.

Two common bacterial overgrowths that we might see in inflammatory bowel disease would be Bilophila as well as Desulfovibrio. These two bacteria produce a toxic gas called hydrogen sulfide which has been shown to pull apart the mucous membrane bonds that line the gut. This exposes the cells that line the gut to the resident microbiota and results in a pro inflammatory response and an overstimulated immune system, hallmarks of inflammatory bowel disease.

Conventional Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

Pin on Ayurvedic Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

Conventional treatment for ulcerative colitis is based on both the extent of the disease and its severity.

The prognosis during the first decade after diagnosis is often generally good, and most patients go into remission. Rectal application of medical therapy via suppositories or enemas is usually the first line of treatment.

These include anti-inflammatory medications, steroids, immune system suppression medications, and biological therapies. These medications generally work by blocking the inflammation in the body in various ways and putting the inflammation into “remission.”

Surgery to remove part of the colon is the next treatment option for patients whose body fails to respond to medical therapy.

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Ulcerative Colitis Diet Best Foods To Eat And Avoid

Know what foods to eat and avoid for effective management of this condition.

Medically Reviewed by Kelly McKenzie, Registered Clinical Nutritionist

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Dealing with ulcerative colitis is stressful as one has to experience constant pain. Its recurrence may make it more annoying. Hence, following an ulcerative colitis diet comprising foods that combat inflammation can greatly help. The diet can also help manage the other symptoms of the condition effectively. This article gives you more information about the foods to include and avoid in your diet if you have ulcerative colitis, certain natural remedies to manage this condition, and a sample diet plan. Continue reading to know more.

In This Article

Herbs For Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

  • Aloe vera is best known for treating sunburns, but helping to heal the skin is only one of the many health benefits of this plant. The gel from the aloe vera plant has remarkable anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Ulcerative colitis has been shown to respond well to aloe vera treatment. Laboratory studies show that aloe vera has antioxidant effects, and it inhibits the production of prostaglanins and interleukins, compounds associated with colitis symptoms. In one study, patients with active ulcerative colitis who took 100 mL of aloe vera gel twice daily for four weeks found significant improvements in symptoms. Specifically , 30% of patients taking aloe vera achieved clinical remission after four weeks, compared to only 7% of those taking placebo. Making this one of the best natural remedies for colitis.
  • Andrographis paniculata. Native to India and Sri Lanka, this herb has been traditionally used to treat conditions like the common cold. It is also particularly effective in relieving symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In one study, patients with active ulcerative colitis were given either 1,200 mg or 1,800 mg of andrographis or placebo. Andrographis was more effective than placebo, with those patients taking 1,800 mg the most likely show clinical improvement in their symptoms. This herb is an one of the most effective natural remedies for ulcerative colitis.
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    Best Natural Cure For Ulcerative Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the large intestine. As the symptoms develop gradually, with proper precautionary measures ulcerative colitis flare-ups can be prevented. With appropriate natural treatment, the symptoms of thisinflammatory bowel disease can be alleviated.

    Natural cure for ulcerative colitis primarily includes dietary changes that help to suppress the inflammation. As stress is commonly associated with worsening of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and triggering flare-ups, natural stress reducing strategies can provide fast relief from ulcerative colitis. Complementary therapies such as acupuncture can be used for treating ulcerative colitis.

    Stay Calm And Focused

    How I Cured My Ulcerative Colitis Naturally | More Detail

    One of my most important natural remedies for easing the pain of ulcerative colitis symptoms is to stay calm. When I feel rushed or anxious which I tend to do quite a bit I tell myself that I have enough time. I have more than enough time to get everything done, and it will be fine.

    When I get stressed, my colitis flares. When I get too excited, my colitis flares. When I have fun, my colitis flares! So, to stop ulcerative colitis or other digestive disorders from flaring, dont have fun dont go anywhere, do anything, or challenge yourself in any way. Right?

    Wrong!! Thats not the best way to keep ulcerative colitis in remission. Instead, figure out how to incorporate fun and excitement into your life without letting it stress you out. For instance, I feel like time is precious and life is so short. So, I try to do things as quickly as possible and I waste as little time as I can. But, this sorta stresses me out. So, Ive experimented with different ways to stay calm and one of my tricks is to tell myself that I have enough time. I take a deep breath, and say, You have enough time to get this done, Laurie. It works.

    By the way, reducing stress is one of the natural remedies for easing the pain of ulcerative colitis symptoms. In the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, researchers reported that stressful hormones can lead to a flare up of ulcerative colitis by affecting the motility of the intestines and worsen inflammation.

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    Is There A Natural Cure For Ulcerative Colitis

  • Diet in Ulcerative Colitis
  • Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the colon characterised by small ulcers and bloody diarrhoea. The most common area affected is sigmoid colon and rectum but entire colon may also be affected. In rare cases, small intestine is also involved. According to modern medicine, cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown but it can be cured by various natural remedies.Like Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis is also an Inflammatory Bowel Disease , however unlike Crohns disease which penetrates the entire intestinal wall, ulcerative colitis stays limited to mucosa, lamina propria and epithelium.

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    Honey And Tender Coconut Water

    • Mix 2 teaspoons of pure honey in 150 ml of tender coconut water .
    • Drink it on empty stomach in the morning.
    • Continue the process for a week or so

    Tender coconut water has been recommended for various illnesses. It can be administered for severe cases of dehydration and when the body is fatigued due to some illness. It boosts the energy levels and also enhances the immunity system in the body. Honey is a natural medicine that is soft on the stomach and helps cure ulcers that form due to colitis. Moreover, honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help control ulcerative colitis. Honey and tender coconut water make one of the best natural remedies for colitis.

    There is no reason why this remedy should not be good. Honey and tender coconut water have excellent curative powers and do not cause any side effects.

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    The Big Problem With The Current Conventional Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

    Current conventional treatment does not focus on any of the causes and only targets symptoms.

    Doctors do not believe that chronic stress and emotional imbalances could be a factor in triggering the disease. They also do not believe diet or lifestyle choices could be a cause. This is changing slowly however as more research proves otherwise. Most of the current medications for ulcerative colitis lead to negative side effects, especially the use of steroids long term. Surgery still does not solve the problem because if the causes are still present, disease will manifest in other areas of the body.

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    Probiotics And Natural Treatment

    9 Effective Natural Cures for Colitis

    Probiotic foods and natural supplements can be a perfect addition to medical treatment. Note that the FDA doesnt regulate supplements. Before purchasing them, check the label and research the company.

    • Probiotics: healthy bacteria in the gut support health and digestion. These helpful bugs are also associated with an improved immune function which can help ulcerative colitis. On the contrary, too many of the unhealthy bacteria can make ulcerative colitis symptoms worse. Balance is the key.
    • Herbs and supplements: Ginseng may reduce symptoms of ulcerative colitis. It has been shown to possibly lower inflammation and prevent DNA damage. Omega-3 fatty acids has shown to decrease inflammation which as a result may decrease ulcerative colitis symptoms.

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    Explore An Ulcerative Colitis Diet

    Im thankful to be able to eat whatever I want. If I overdo the spicy sauce on my Indian curry or pad Thai, my guts burn. Thats not a symptom of my ulcerative colitis, though its a normal consequence of asking for 4 alarm spiciness at my favorite Thai restaurant.

    But, most people with ulcerative colitis cant and shouldnt eat whatever they want. While research into eating habits and inflammatory bowel disease continues, patient reports from around the globe indicate that changes in diet and lifestyle seem to help control symptoms and flare-ups for many who have the condition, writes Dr Victor Marchione in Ulcerative colitis causes, symptoms, treatment, and home remedies on Bel Marra Health.

    Ulcerative Colitis Facts At A Glance

    Image: Shutterstock

    • Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation and ulceration of the innermost lining of the colon and rectum .
    • About 1.6 million Americans and 2.5 million Europeans are affected by this disease .
    • The root cause of this inflammatory disease is not confirmed, but scientists have hypothesized that it may be caused due to the presence of pathogenic bacteria or virus in the gut or an immune system attack on normal gut bacteria .
    • The most common symptoms are diarrhea, cramps, rectal bleeding, fever, loss of appetite, joint pain, liver disease, and eye problems.
    • Ulcerative colitis can be diagnosed by X-ray, CT-scan, white blood cell scan, complete blood count, liver function, inflammation markers like C-reactive protein, vitamin B-12 levels, colonoscopy, and antibody blood test .
    • It stays lifelong and can flare up from time to time.
    • It can affect anyone at any age and may lead to colon cancer if you have the disease for more than 10 years .
    • Medicinal treatments include steroids and medicines that help reduce inflammation, the overreaction of the immune system, and diarrhea.
    • Sometimes, the affected part of the colon is removed to reduce the risk of developing colon cancer .

    Now that we have got the facts straight, lets look at which foods you should avoid.

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    Root Cause Drivers Of Ibd

    Once the IBD patient is in remission then the next step that we need to determine is what is driving that inflammatory response. Looking at the literature we can see that both genetics and environmental triggers are responsible. IBD is very much recognised as an autoimmune disease these days.

    The gut microbiota may also be playing a strong role in driving the inflammatory response in many IBD patients.

    Whats The Difference Between Ulcerative Colitis And Colitis

    Dane Johnson | Naturally Healing Crohns and Colitis

    Colitis refers to inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Colitis causes symptoms such as abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, and diarrhea.

    An inflamed colon can be caused by several conditions. UC is one possible cause. Other possible causes of colitis include:

    • an allergic reaction

    To diagnose the cause of colitis, a doctor will order a series of tests. These tests will help them understand what other symptoms youre experience and rule out conditions based on what youre not experiencing.

    Treatment for colitis will depend on the underlying cause and other symptoms you have.

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    Tianeptine The Little Known Anti

    First marketed for depression in France in 1989, tianeptine is an approved antidepressant in more than 60 countries. The United States is not one of them.

    Tianeptine is sold under the trade names Stablon, Coaxil, and others.

    Tianeptine works differently in the brain to most antidepressants in the fact it acts on the mu opioid receptor, the target of morphine and oxycodone.

    Jonathan Javitch, a study co-author and chief of molecular therapeutics at Columbia University states This is the only current antidepressant that works through this mechanism.

    Irritable bowel syndrome is a common early symptom that sufferers of ulcerative colitis may get several years before they get the full blown autoimmune disease. I personally had symptoms that could clearly be described as irritable bowel.

    However there is an all natural equivalent to Tianeptine that has a far wider range of positive health benefits with a history of thousands of years of traditional use as a plant medicine.

    What Is Complementary Medicine

    You may hear the term complementary medicine and wonder what its all about. Can it help treat my IBD? Will it alleviate my symptoms?

    Complementary medicine includes a variety of treatment options that are not considered conventional medicine. We can help by breaking down the most common types of complementary medicine therapies so that you and your healthcare team can discuss what options may work best alongside your conventional treatment.

    The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health provides the following evolving definitions:

    • Complementary: If a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medicine

    • Alternative: If a nonmainstream practice is used in place ofconventional medicine

    • Integrative: Brings conventional and complementary approaches together in a coordinated way.

    More research is needed on the role of complementary medicine in IBD. Some studies have shown that complementary medicine may help to control symptoms and ease pain, contribute to a better quality of life, and improve your mood and general attitude toward your health and well-being. Some therapies may even have positive effects on your immune system. However,complementary medicine will not cure your disease and it should not replace conventional therapies.

    Explore our resources below to learn more about common complementary therapies used by IBD patients!

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