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Can Ulcers Cause Weight Loss

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You Have Pain Specifically In Your Upper Abdomen

Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore | Yashoda Cancer Institute

One of the most common ulcer symptoms is a severe pain in the upper abdomen, according to Neil Sengupta, MD, a gastroenterology specialist at the University of Chicago. Ulcers can develop anywhere in the upper digestive track, but Dr. Sengupta says we often think about those occurring in the stomach or small intestine, where we feel pain. This pain usually occurs between the breastbone and belly button, and can bring on a burning, aching, or dull feeling. The sensation may begin as a light, mild pain but often progresses into something more serious as the ulcers develop.

How Do Nsaids Cause A Peptic Ulcer

To understand how NSAIDs cause peptic ulcer disease, it is important to understand how NSAIDs work. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce pain, fever, and inflammation, or swelling.

Everyone has two enzymes that produce chemicals in your bodys cells that promote pain, inflammation, and fever. NSAIDs work by blocking or reducing the amount of these enzymes that your body makes. However, one of the enzymes also produces another type of chemical that protects the stomach lining from stomach acid and helps control bleeding. When NSAIDs block or reduce the amount of this enzyme in your body, they also increase your chance of developing a peptic ulcer.

How Do Nonsteroidal Anti

NSAIDS are a type of medication used often for headaches, period pains, and other pains. They can also help reduce fever and inflammation. Examples include aspirin and ibuprofen. Many NSAIDs are available without a prescription.

They lower the stomachs ability to make a protective layer of mucus. This it more susceptible to damage by stomach acid. NSAIDs can also affect the flow of blood to the stomach, reducing the bodys ability to repair cells.

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It’s Easy To Get The Care You Need

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Like with any major surgery, there are a few complications weight loss surgery patients can face after the procedure.

One of the more common complications are ulcers also known as stomach irritation, according to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery . Fortunately, most ulcers are preventable if you take the right steps.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which include aspirin, ibuprofen , naproxen , and more are known to cause , a type of ulcer that sometimes develops after weight loss surgery, according to the ASMBS.

A marginal ulcer can bleed, according to the ASMBS. While they are usually not deadly, they can cause pain for months and, in some cases, additional surgery.

Because of the dangers, doctors often recommend limiting the use of NSAIDs after surgery, according to the ASMBS. Talk to your doctor before deciding whether or not to use NSAIDs after your weight loss surgery.

Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, also can cause ulcers and poor healing after weight loss surgery, but might be necessary in some recovery situations, according to the ASMBS.

With all medications including NSAIDs and corticosteroids your health care team can help you find the best options to keep you on the road to healthy recovery after your surgery.

For more information about ulcers after weight loss surgery, talk with your doctor or visit Premier Weight Loss Solutions.

How Are Peptic Ulcers Diagnosed

Best Natural Solutions for Stomach Ulcers

To look for peptic ulcers, doctors may:

  • Order an upper gastrointestinal series. These X-rays of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum let the doctor get a close look at the gastrointestinal tract. A person drinks a liquid called barium while getting the X-ray. If theres an ulcer, it should be outlined on the X-ray.
  • Do an upper endoscopy . The patient is sedated for this procedure. Then, the doctor puts an a small, flexible tube with a tiny camera on the end down the throat and into the stomach and duodenum. The doctors can see the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum to check for possible ulcers, inflammation, or food allergies. The doctor also can do tissue tests to check for H. pyloriIf thereâs any sign of inflammation, the doctor will test for H. pylori. This test is important because treatment for ulcers caused by H. pylori differs from treatment for those caused by NSAIDs.

To look for H. pylori, doctors can do:

  • tissue tests during an endoscopy
  • stool tests to look for H. pylori antigens. Testing stool is becoming more common, as some doctors think theyâre more accurate than blood tests.
  • breath tests, which can find carbon broken down by H. pylori after the patient drinks a solution. Breath tests are mostly done in adults.

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How Does It Work For Weight Loss

GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic help to control your blood sugar, but people taking them also tend to lose weight. GLP-1, the key hormone involved, slows down how fast your stomach empties food . And in addition to causing your pancreas to release insulin, it also blocks a hormone that causes your liver to release sugar.

Together, these functions can help you feel less hungry, causing you to eat less food and lose more weight.

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Dr Ed Whats The Bottom Line

  • Spicy foods are healthy.
  • Spicy foods dont cause ulcers, but be careful if you have irritable bowel syndrome, dyspepsia, or inflammatory bowel disease . Basically, if spicy foods give you stomach pain, think before you eat.
  • Dont get spicy foods in your eyes.
  • Use gloves if handling super hot peppers.
  • Regarding ridiculously spicy foods with warning labels, eat them at your own risk. Fellas, that ghost pepper sauce almost burned off my chest hairs from the insiderespect it.

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How Are Abdominal Pain And Unintentional Weight Loss Treated

Abdominal pain and unintentional weight loss treatments can vary because their causes vary. Your doctor will try to determine the underlying cause. However, in the meantime, they may prescribe medication to help control your symptoms.

If a virus is causing your symptoms, antibiotics wont improve your symptoms because antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

If your abdominal pain and unintentional weight loss are due to a parasite, your doctor will determine the appropriate medication to kill the parasite.

Counseling can improve symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. Getting more rest and exercise may also help.

Other Causes Of Peptic Ulcers

Gastroparesis Signs & Symptoms (ex. Nausea, Abdominal Pain, Weight Loss)

Other potential causes of peptic ulcers include:

  • Genetics: Many individuals with peptic ulcers have close relatives with the same problem, suggesting that genetic factors may be contributing.
  • Smoking: People who regularly smoke tobacco

A persons description of symptoms will often cause a doctor to suspect a peptic ulcer during a routine exam.

Tests that can confirm a diagnosis include:

  • a blood test to check for H. pylori, though a positive test does not always mean there is an active infection
  • a breath test, which uses a radioactive carbon atom to detect H. pylori
  • a stool antigen test to detect H. pylori in the feces
  • an upper gastrointestinal X-ray to identify ulcers

The most common tool doctors use for diagnosis is EsophagoGastroDuodenoscopy or upper endoscopy. It involves inserting a tube through the mouth to look for the presence of an ulcer in the stomach and upper intestine.

If the test detects an ulcer, the doctor may take a biopsy for examination under a microscope. A biopsy can test for H. pylori and look for evidence of cancer. A person may need to repeat an endoscopy a few months later to determine whether the ulcer is healing.

Treatment will focus on either lowering stomach acid levels so that the ulcer can heal or eradicating the H. pylori infection. The following are common treatment methods a doctor may recommend:

A balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables and lacking in intense spices and flavors may help a person feel better.

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If Food Isnt The Culprit How Did We Get Here

Say hello to Helicobacter pylori , the bacteria best known for causing stomach ulcers and gastritis .

Gastritis occurs when the stomach lining weakens, allowing stomach acid to seep in and create a burning sensation, typically felt in the middle part of your stomach and chest.

Whats more, salty and fatty foods can actually alter the cells in your stomach, increasing the likeliness of an H. pylori infection. Adios potato chips!

No taco shaming!

While a specific diet wont cause stomach ulcers, research shows that certain foods may help your body fight off that ulcer-causing H. pylori.

The best preventative defense against H. pylori includes *wait for it* fruits, veggies, and probiotics. Shocking, we know. They help protect your gut, fight bacteria, strengthen your immune system, and more.

Add these to your shopping list:

  • food with probiotics, such as yogurt or kimchi

What Are The Symptoms Of A Peptic Ulcer

Youâll most likely feel a burning pain or discomfort between your belly button and breastbone. You might especially notice it on an empty stomach â such as between meals or at night. The pain may stop for a little while if you eat or take an antacid, but then return. The pain can last for a few minutes or a few hours, and may come and go for many days or weeks.

Other symptoms may include:

Small ulcers may not cause any symptoms. But if you notice any of these signs, talk to your doctor.

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Ulcerative Colitis Risk Factors

Most people with UC dont have a family history of the condition. However, about 12 percent of people with UC do have a family member with IBD, according to research from 2014.

UC can develop in a person of any race, but its more common in white people. If youre of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, you have a greater chance of developing the condition than most other groups.

Young people with IBD may also be dealing with acne at the same time. Some older studies have suggested a possible link between the use of the cystic acne medication isotretinoin and UC. However, newer research has yet to find a definitive causal relationship.

Theres no solid evidence indicating that your diet affects whether you develop UC. You may find that certain foods and drinks aggravate your symptoms when you have a flare-up, though.

Practices that may help include:

  • drinking small amounts of water throughout the day
  • eating smaller meals throughout the day
  • limiting your intake of high fiber foods
  • avoiding fatty foods
  • lowering your intake of milk if youre lactose intolerant

Also, ask a doctor if you should take a multivitamin.

Peptic Ulcer Disease Treatment

What Do Gastric Ulcers Feel Like

Your doctor may begin by prescribing medicine. Your doctor may suggest other treatments for other causes.

If you have H. pylori, your doctor will treat the infection with triple therapy. This is a combination of 2 antibiotics and bismuth subsalicylate . H. pylori can be stubborn. Take all your medicine as prescribed.

Your doctor may recommend medicines to neutralize your stomach acid. This will protect the lining in your stomach, too. These include:

  • Protein pump inhibitors. This includes esomeprazole or lansoprazole .
  • Histamine receptor blockers. This includes famotidine .
  • Cytoprotective agents. This includes sucralfate .

If NSAIDs cause your ulcer, you may need to stop or reduce the amount you take. You may need to switch to another type of medicine for pain.

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Types Of Ulcerative Colitis

UC can be categorized according to the parts of the GI tract that it affects.

  • Ulcerative proctitis. In ulcerative proctitis, only the rectum is inflamed. Its considered a mild form of UC.
  • Left-sided colitis. Left-sided colitis causes inflammation in the area between the splenic flexure and the last section of the colon. The last section of the colon, known as the distal colon, includes the descending colon and sigmoid colon. Left-sided colitis is also known as distal ulcerative colitis.
  • Proctosigmoiditis. Proctosigmoiditis is a form of left-sided colitis. It causes inflammation in the rectum and sigmoid colon.
  • Extensive colitis. Extensive colitis, also known as pancolitis, causes inflammation throughout the entire colon. Its considered a severe form of UC.
  • Different tests can help a doctor diagnose UC. UC mimics other bowel diseases such as Crohns disease. A doctor will order multiple tests to rule out other conditions.

    Tests to diagnose UC often include:

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    How Cbd May Help With Stomach Ulcers

    Stomach ulcers, also called gastric ulcers, are a kind of peptic ulcer disease characterized as open sores that emerge on the stomachs inner lining or the upper part of the small intestine .

    One of the major symptoms of stomach ulcers is burning pain, usually in the upper abdomen or stomach, often mistaken as heartburn. This stomach pain may last for a short time or be felt for a few hours.

    Studies have discussed that CBD may contain pain-relieving properties that may help with chronic pain.

    Cannabidiol, more generally known for its name CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.

    This compound may interact with the bodys endocannabinoid system .

    The ECS balances different bodily functions, such as gastrointestinal function in the digestive system.

    The endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 located in the immune and nervous systems.

    CB1 receptors play an important role in pain regulation, whereas CB2 stimulates your bodys anti-inflammatory response.

    These two receptors may produce analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects when they interact with CBD.

    Stomach ulcers may also induce nausea and vomiting, weight loss, heartburn, and appetite loss.

    Cannabidiol may interact with 5-HT1A receptors, also called serotonin receptors.

    Serotonin is a chemical hormone that may affect nausea and vomiting.

    The purported properties of CBD may offer ease and comfort to individuals suffering from stomach ulcers.

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    Black Or Dark Colored Stool

    If you think you may have an ulcer, a good way to tell is to look at your stool. If you notice that when you use the restroom your stool is extremely dark in color, or even black, chances are you are right about what is ailing you. If this is the case, you should absolutely go to the hospital immediately.

    Alarm Signs And Symptoms

    Helicobacter Pylori Infection, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Doctors often search for so-called alarm signs to help them decide if a person with abdominal pain needs urgent evaluation. Such signs include blood in the stool or vomit, anemia, persistent or severe vomiting or diarrhea, fever, weight loss, pain that awakens the patient at night and prolonged loss of appetite. A persons family history might also prompt further investigation, as in the case of individuals whose relatives have had colon cancer.

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    When Should I Be Concerned About Unexplained Weight Loss

    Your weight can fluctuate for various reasons. A life-changing or stressful event can cause you to lose weight unintentionally. Even having an especially busy schedule for a while can cause a temporary change in your food intake and activity level, causing you to lose a few pounds.

    There arent any firm guidelines. But some experts follow the rule of thumb that an unintentional weight loss of more than five percent of your body weight in a period of six months to a year calls for a medical evaluation.

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    Cure : Supplements & Home Remedies For Stomach Ulcer

    Home remedies and supplements, in this case, go hand in hand. Home remedies could provide instant relief from the pain and the symptoms. However, using the supplements on a long term basis could not only cure your stomach ulcer, but it could also promote digestive health, thereby preventing the occurrence of an ulcer.

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    How Do I Know If I Have An Ulcer In My Stomach

    An ulcer is caused due to acid, or excess stomach acid. The stomach has several layers that protect it from its contents. This acidic liquid is only supposed to stay in the stomach. However, in people with ulcers, the stomachs protective walls are damaged, leading to them being vulnerable to the acid. An ulcer causes symptoms like sharp pains in the area of the stomach. It is important to identify if it is an ulcer or not. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important to visit a doctor in order to get proper treatment..

    Assess Your Individual Tolerance


    No evidence suggests that spicy or citrus foods affect ulcer disease, although some individuals do report worsening of symptoms after eating these types of foods. It is important to find out what works for you. If you notice that your symptoms get worse after eating certain foods, then limit or avoid them so you can feel your best, making sure that you dont eliminate an entire food group.

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    Crohns & Colitis Uk Local Networks

    Our Local Networks of volunteers across the UK organise events and provide opportunities to get to know other people in an informal setting, as well as to get involved with educational, awareness-raising and fundraising activities. You may find just being with other people and realising that you are not alone can be reassuring. Families and relatives may also find it useful to meet other people with Crohns or Colitis. All events are open to members of Crohns & Colitis UK

    What Do You Think

    Have you ever had a stomach ulcer? Did you see your doctor about it? Did she prescribe you any medication? Did you alter your diet in any way? Did you find that certain foods helped with your symptoms or made them worse in any way? Share your stories, suggestions and questions in the comments below!

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