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Wheatgrass Spray For Leg Ulcers

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Helping The Ulcer Heal

Medical doctor shows how wheatgrass extract heals diabetic foot ulcers
  • 1Walk regularly to help your leg ulcer heal more quickly. Sitting for long periods of time can make swelling around your leg ulcer worse. So, keep active. Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve blood circulation in your leg and help your leg ulcer heal naturally. Just adding walks into your daily routine will do a lot of good for your ulcer.XResearch source
  • A daily 30-minute walk will help reduce swelling and improve blood flow in your leg.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks that donât aggravate your leg ulcer.
  • 2Elevate your leg when you sit or lie down to ease the swelling of a venous ulcer. Whenever you sit down, elevate your legs to keep blood in your leg from pooling. When you elevate your affected leg, make it so that your toes are level with your eyes.XResearch source
  • You can use a sofa cushion, pillows, a suitcase, or a foam wedge to keep your legs raised.
  • Put one of the above items under your mattress, so that your legs will be elevated when you sleep during the night.
  • Elevate your feet for at least a few minutes every hour.
  • Keep your legs hanging down if you have an arterial leg ulcer.
  • 3Exercise your legs regularly to encourage better circulation. Another thing you should do when youâre sitting down is move your legs and feet around. To do this, move your feet up and down, and rotate your ankles.XResearch source
  • You should also consider moderating your consumption of alcohol.
  • Is There Any Research Behind These Products

    Yes, there is. For full research annotations and extensive information, see Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine. But throughout its history, wheatgrass has remained sadly under-researched. This has to do with the fact that a common plant can never be patented and thus provides no incentive for the large pharmaceutical companies to invest. Thus, it remains out of the mainstream. Conventional medicine considers wheatgrass snake oil precisely because of this lack of research. Itâs a catch 22. Many herbal medicines fall into this quagmire. Thus, as an alternative medicine, wheatgrass suffers life on the fringe and a long and slow road to greater acceptance.

    What Kind Of Research Was This

    This was a phase 2 randomised controlled trial that compared different concentrations and dosing frequencies of a new treatment for venous leg ulcers, called HP802-247.

    Venous leg ulcers are a complication of a condition where the valves in the veins of the leg do not work very well . The valves normally prevent blood flowing backwards and help the blood flow towards the heart. When they are damaged the blood begins to pool in the veins of the legs. This increases pressure of blood in the veins causing blood to ooze out and collect in the smaller veins underneath the skin. This damages the skin and potentially causes the skin to break down to form a venous ulcer. The study reports that between 1.65 and 1.74% of adults aged 65 years are affected by venous ulcers. These ulcers are most commonly found above the inner ankle bone. The standard treatment of venous ulcers is usually supportive. This involves care of the skin to prevent infection, application of a compression bandage and keeping the legs elevated as often as possible to try to help the blood flow back up the veins of the legs. However, the authors report that only between 30 and 75% of venous leg ulcers heal completely, with the remainder becoming chronic with the only treatment option being skin graft.

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    Medical Research And Clinical Observation Suggest That Wheatgrass Contains Bio

    Dr. Chris Reynolds – a.k.a Dr Wheatgrass

    For over 20 years, Dr. Chris Reynolds has been researching and treating thousands of individuals with various conditions. According to Dr. Reynolds, the symptoms of most auto-immune conditions can be relieved with Wheatgrass!

    “Wheatgrass extract is an effective, all-natural anti-inflammatory, immune-modulator and growth factor activator – A unique, but powerful healing combination”

    “The healing effects of wheatgrass are frequently attributed to chlorophyll, but I believe this hypothesis has little or no substance. The wheatgrass extract I use contains a barely detectable amount of chlorophyll, yet has a similar therapeutic profile.”

    “I have treated 50,000+ patients effectively with wheatgrass since 1995. Clinical observations and scientific research demonstrate its ability to prevent infection and to heal various conditions”

    Causes & Treatment

    When To Seek Medical Care

    #Wheatgrass can heal #LegUlcers (With images)
  • 1See your doctor if you have a leg sore that doesnât heal in 2-3 weeks. Most wounds heal or improve on their own within a few weeks. If you have a sore on your leg that doesnât show signs of healing in that time, call your doctor. They can determine what type of ulcer you have and what might be causing it.XTrustworthy SourceCleveland ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
  • Other symptoms of leg ulcers include itching, redness, swelling, and fluid leaking from the wound.
  • The affected leg may also feel heavy, achy, or tight.
  • 2Get medical attention if your symptoms get worse. If your ulcer isnât healing even with medical care, or if you notice your symptoms changing or getting worse, call your doctor right away. You may have a secondary infection in the wound, and youâll probably need to treat it with medication. Common signs of infection include:XTrustworthy SourceMedlinePlusCollection of medical information sourced from the US National Library of MedicineGo to source
  • Worsening redness, swelling, pain, or warmth around the wound
  • Pus, blood, or yellowish or cloudy fluid coming from the wound
  • A bad odor
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    How Is Wheatgrass Extract Different To Wheatgrass Juice

    Juicing does not extract all bioactive material from wheatgrass sprouts whereas our extraction process yields a very high percentage. Also, because it takes several months for our extract to mature, a high bioactive return is achieved. Finally, wheatgrass extract is a slightly brown, clear liquid. It is not green because there is no chlorophyll left in the extract. This is not important because chlorophyll has no known therapeutic benefits. Also, fresh wheatgrass juice can be difficult to ingest due its odour and taste. By comparison, wheatgrass extract is quite tasty and tolerated by all ages including young children and infants.Finally, unlike fresh wheatgrass juice, our wheatgrass extract is shelf-stable and still drinkable for at least two years if kept at room temperature.

    > > For considerably more information about the healing properties of wheatgrass, visit Dr. Chris Reynolds Wheatgrass Healing website

    Ten Top Tips On Leg Ulcers

    Una Adderley04 Jun 2018

  • Always perform a thorough assessmentAsk about symptoms and how long the patient has had problems. Examine the lower legs. Most patients should have a Doppler ultrasound to calculate the ankle brachial pressure index to see if there are problems with blood supply to the lower leg. This test should be undertaken as early as possible but certainly within a few weeks of the patients first appointment.
  • Use compression to treat venous hypertension and lymphoedemaIf the leg ulcer is because of poor venous return or lymphoedema and the patient has an adequate blood supply to their lower limb, graduated compression therapy is likely to be a very efficient healing method. It is best to think of compression in terms of dose. The recommended dose delivers 40mmHg at the ankle. Compression that delivers less than this will usually be less effective in promoting healing.
  • Always involve the patient when deciding on the best type of compressionIf a patients wound is not too wet they may prefer compression hosiery to bandaging. But if their legs are tender, bandaging might be more comfortable. Including the patient in the decision-making increases the chance of them coping better with their compression therapy.
  • Pain relief is very importantMost patients will find painkillers helpful, especially when they start compression. Usually, once the compression starts working and the swelling reduces, painkillers are often no longer needed.
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    What Did The Research Involve

    Between 2009 and 2011 this study enrolled adult patients being treated for venous leg ulcers in outpatient clinics at 28 centres in the US and Canada. To be eligible patients had to have venous insufficiency confirmed by an ultrasound scan, and to have up to three venous leg ulcers. At least one of the ulcers had to measure between 2cm squared and 12cm squared and served as the target ulcer for treatment. The ulcer had to have been present for between six and 104 weeks. They excluded people with poorly controlled diabetes or other medical conditions that could affect the integrity of the skin.

    A total of 228 participants were randomly assigned to one of five treatment groups:

    • 5 million cells per ml every seven days
    • 5 million cells per ml every 14 days
    • half a million cells per ml every seven days
    • half a million cells per ml every 14 days
    • control solution every seven days

    Both researchers and patients were not aware of the dose or frequency they were receiving . To enable this, patients assigned to treatment every 14 days also received control spray on the intervening weeks so all patients received a treatment every seven days.

    The main outcome of interest was the mean percentage change in wound area at the end of 12 weeks.

    Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream Has Helped To Treat:

    How To Get Rid of A Leg Ulcer
    • Eczema
    • Acne

    Is Dr. Wheatgrass a Real Doctor?

    You bet. Dr. Chris Reynolds is an Australian born medical doctor who spent 30 years serving as a general practitioner. He became disenchanted with the standard procedure of prescribing pharmaceutical medicines because many of them never addressed the root causes of disease and only mitigated symptoms. They were also expensive and under prolonged use had side effects. He seriously considered dropping out of medicine until one of his patients introduced him to a fascinating story of healing with wheatgrass. He began using wheatgrass in 1995 and has been experimenting with it clinically ever since. Because of the difficulties his patients had in growing and using the fresh grass, he developed a wheatgrass extract and produced it for his patients. He spent 11 years and treated over 25,000 patients with his wheatgrass extract and extract products.

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    Where Did The Story Come From

    The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Miami and other institutions in the US and was funded by Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, a biotech company that specialises in wound care products. The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet.

    The reports on this research throughout the media were generally accurate.

    Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray

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    I used this for my sons molluscum contagious, I think thats what its called. I used consistently for a week day and night. His knees and backs of his legs were covered and for the most part they are gone!! So happy with this stuff! It was definitely worth the price!

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    Does Cleaning Venous Leg Ulcers Help Them To Heal


    Leg ulcers are open skin wounds that develop below the knee, usually because blood flow is poor in the lower leg. This can occur because of blockages, for example when small blood clots form in the veins. It can also happen when the valves in the veins that prevent blood from flowing backwards stop working properly. Poor blood flow damages the skin and tissue, and creates venous leg ulcers.

    Ulcers are unsightly and may become painful or infected. On average, ulcers take from six to nine months to heal. However, some ulcers can take years to heal, and a small number never do. Once ulcers have healed, they can reoccur.

    The main treatment for venous leg ulcers is to use bandages or stockings that compress the leg , to increase blood flow in the veins. It is also thought to be important to clean the wound. Different types of cleaning solutions can be used, including: normal saline water antiseptics detergents or disinfectants .

    Cleaning solutions can be applied to the ulcer using a swab , a syringe with a needle, or a spray canister. Ulcers can also be bathed in the cleaning solution, using a basin or bucket, or during a shower. Cleaning can cause discomfort, and may be painful.

    What did we want to find out?

    We wanted to find out:

    – whether cleaning venous leg ulcers helps them to become smaller and heal

    – whether some cleaning solutions, or methods of applying solutions, are more effective than others

    – how much cleaning wounds costs and

    Our methods

    How Does Wheatgrass Work

    Diabetes &  diabetic foot ulcers (14)  Dr Wheatgrass

    “wheatgrass has remarkable healing agents and anti-inflammatory properties”

    Wheatgrass, because of its remarkable healing and anti-inflammatory properties can significantly assist diabetic ulcer and foot/leg ulcer sufferers by easing pain and assisting the healing process. *

    An example of how effectively wheatgrass can heal is shown in the pictures below. This is a skin graft that has been treated by orthodox medical methods for six weeks. It is healing very slowly and looks unhealthy because of poor blood supply. Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spraywas commenced at this stage, and in Figure 2, after only 2 days, the graft is already recovering well. In Fig. 3. the graft has completely healed in just 3 weeks.*

    * The results may vary based on a variety of factors.

    It is well known that cell messengers produced by the body called Growth Factors are an essential and very important part of the healing process, and for reducing inflammation. It appears that wheatgrass in some way stimulates the production of these important growth factors that ‘normalize’ damaged tissue and facilitate rapid healing. In other words, wheatgrass is a potent, natural healing agent.

    therapeutic uses of Wheatgrass, healing effects of Wheatgrass Extract

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    Dr Wheatgrass Aids In Recovery Of Stroke Symptoms

    “Our Fijian stroke patient and the young child with meningitis has now expanded into 9 patients all showing significant improvement in motor and sensory function by simply applying a little cream on affected areas. This is clearly a medical breakthrough. I have little doubt that wheatgrass is about to revolutionise rehabilitation in these patients.” -Dr. Chris Reynolds

    Treating The Ulcer Medically

  • 1Visit your doctor to get information about your ulcer. Treatment for an ulcer depends on whether it is an arterial ulcer or a venous ulcer . Treating an arterial ulcer is often a matter of urgency. So it is important to first call your doctor and get their professional advice before trying to heal an ulcer on your own.XResearch source
  • Your doctor will first examine the wound and then take blood pressure readings at the ankle and arm to measure the blood flow in your lower leg.XResearch source
  • Venous leg ulcers are more common than arterial ulcers, making up over 90% of all cases.XResearch source
  • 2Consider surgery to treat an arterial leg ulcer. A blocked or narrowed artery is the most common cause of an arterial leg ulcer. This blockage reduces the amount of blood that can flow to tissue in your leg. Poor blood flow can deprive the tissue of oxygen and nutrients, possibly leading to the death of the tissue. For this reason, treating an arterial leg ulcer is an urgent matter.XResearch source
  • Your doctor may refer you to a vascular surgeon who may perform surgery either to clear out the blocked artery or to add a new route for blood to flow along and bypass the blockage.
  • While your external wound may heal in as little as 2 weeks after the surgery, it may take several months for the underlying tissues to fully heal.XResearch source
  • You should clean and dress the ulcer under the supervision of a medical professional.
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    Management Of Venous Leg Ulcers


    Good skincare is paramount in managing venous leg ulcers. Emollient therapy has two different modes of action:

    • PASSIVE emollients are lipids that occlude the skin surface, thus preventing water loss from the epidermis
    • ACTIVE Moisturisers are lipid emulsifiers that actively hydrate the skin by the application of a humectant to the surface of the skin.The active mode of action is the movement of water from the dermis to the epidermis

    Emollients work to moisturise the skin by increasing the amount of water held in the epidermis. This occlusion for passive emollient therapy is achieved if greasy substances such as petrolatum are used. The active mode of action is the movement of water from the dermis to the epidermis. As the emollients increase the amount of water in the epidermis and make the skin less dry, they also have an anti-pruritic effect which is often beneficial to people wearing compression or hosiery.

    Note to prescribers regarding Aqueous cream sodium lauryl sulphate is a detergent and surfactant and has been used extensively for its thickening and emulsifying properties. However, recent studies have shown that it should not be used as wash product or leave-on emollient as it has potential to damage skin and compromise barrier function.

    Further Reading


    • New or increased wound pain
    • Delayed healing
    • Pyrexia

    Before taking a wound swab, ensure the ulcer is cleaned with tap water.


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