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Mouth Ulcer On Gum Causes

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When Should You Be Concerned About A Mouth Ulcer

What causes mouth ulcers?

See a doctor or dentist if you experience any of the following:

  • If the canker sores last for more than three weeks. Mouth ulcers typically last one to two weeks. However, if they exceed this period, you should see a doctor.
  • Unusual sores. If you are used to getting canker sores repeatedly, you know what typical sores look like. If you notice a different type developing in your mouth, take extra caution.
  • Consider medical assistance if your mouth ulcers are spreading rapidly and in larger numbers.
  • They are bigger and more painful. If the types of mouth ulcers that are currently developing are bigger and more painful, they could be something more serious.
  • A fever accompanies them. Mouth ulcers are not usually accompanied by a fever, so if they are, consider medical attention.
  • If the mouth ulcer is accompanied by bad breath. The bad breath may be caused by food debris that remains in your mouth for a long time. If you leave this untreated for longer, an infection can develop.

Mouth Ulcers Vs Herpes

Mouth ulcers are little wounds that develop in your mouth. These lesions usually appear on the soft tissue and inner parts of the mouth, teeth, or the roof of the mouth.

They often appear because of a nutritional deficiency or a weakness in the immune system. These wounds are not contagious, and they commonly go away on their own.

Cold sores, which are sometimes known as oral herpes or fever blisters, are caused by the herpes virus. These are little sores that are observed on or around the lips.

Two strains of herpes can cause a cold sore: HSV1 that usually happens in the mouth. However, HSV2, which is commonly found on the genitals, can also cause cold sores. So, different from ulcers, herpes is very contagious.

Mouth Sores And Swollen Gums Are Common With A Variety Of Causes Like Infections Poor Oral Hygiene Etc Learn Possible Causes And Proper Treatments

Inflammation and soreness in the mucosal layer of the mouth, known as stomatitis, is a serious condition and may affect a persons ability to talk, eat and sleep. Stomatitis can occur on the gums, palate, tongue, lips, the inside of cheeks, or anywhere inside the mouth.

Swollen gums may be due to a number of different causes, but it is important to take care if your gums are swollen, as chronic gum swelling may cause permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

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When Should I See My Doctor

You should see your GP if you think you might have an ulcer related to a mouth infection or disease.

Most mouth ulcers will heal by themselves within a week or two. If your mouth ulcers last longer than this or they keep coming back, see your doctor, as they may be a sign of a more serious problem.

Also, see your GP if you or your child develops severe mouth ulcers with symptoms of general illness such as:

  • weight loss, stomach pain, unexplained fevers

This may indicate a health condition such as coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease.

Which Type Do I Have


Minor ulcers are the most common form of ulcer and are about the size of the top of a pencil. They appear most commonly on the inside of the lips and cheeks and can appear in groups of four to six at any one time.

Large ulcers are similar to minor ulcers, but are rarer, larger and can take longer to heal. If an ulcer persists after three weeks, consult a dentist. Large ulcers can also appear near the tonsils and cause pain when swallowing. Luckily, it is very rare to get more than one large ulcer at a time. It is also fairly common to get a large number of very small, painful ulcers that last for up to two weeks. This kind of ulcer is also quite rare and is usually caused by underlying issues.

If you have developed ulcers on any other part of your body, such as eyes or genital area, consult a dentist and seek advice. These symptoms can be indicators of a more severe underlying condition.

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How Should I Take Immunosuppressants

Immunosuppressants have powerful effects. Its important to follow your healthcare providers directives. You should take the prescribed medicine daily, preferably at the same time each day.

Skipping one day of medicine can cause an autoimmune disease flare-up . For transplant recipients, a missed dose can put you at risk for organ rejection or GVHD complications. You should contact your provider if you miss a dose.

Want Some Expert Advice

Most mouth ulcers are minor and have been caused by trauma to the mouth, but its always worth seeking the advice of a dental or medical expert. Here at Green Square, we can provide you with free, objective advice or a consultation about any dental concern you have. Its important to remember that dentists are informed about all areas of oral health, not just your teeth. Get in touch for help and guidance!

Alternatively, if youre situated in Rotherham, Worksop, Retford and surrounding areas give us a call on 01709 917666 to discuss becoming a patient.

Green Square

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How Do I Get Rid Of It

For mouth ulcers that have no major underlying cause, there are many forms of treatment. These can range from oral suspension medicines, direct application fluids or simply swilling warm salt water around the affected area. If an ulcer has lasted more than three weeks, seek advice from your dental or medical professionals. They can then identify the cause of your ulcers and provide you with treatment, or even visit a specialist depending on the condition.

Need To See A Dentist About A Gum Sore

Oral Ulcer Reason and treatment | Dr Rohit Batra | In English

At East Valley Dental Professionals, our dentists have decades of experience caring for patients with gum sores. We hope this list of conditions above has put your mind at ease, knowing that most oral sores can be treated with a dental visit and a thorough oral care routine.

If you are suffering from a gum sore and would like to speak with a professional, our dentists are available to diagnose your condition. We would also love to walk you through some preventative dentistry measures as a part of your treatment plan.

Do not live in worry or fear. Schedule an appointment today by calling .838.3033 to begin your journey towards oral wellness.

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Mouth Sores And Spots

Mouth sores can be painful, annoying and unsightly.

Some appear inside the mouth on the gums, tongue, lips, cheeks or palate . Others, like cold sores, can appear outside the mouth, such as on and around the lips, under the nose and on the chin.

Mouth sores can be caused by oral cancer or bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Some other causes include:

  • Irritations, such as dentures that no longer fit properly and rub against tissues.
  • Loose orthodontic wires or the sharp edge of a broken tooth or filling.
  • Extreme sensitivity to ingredients found in some toothpastes or mouth rinses.
  • Medication, cancer treatment side effects or reaction to therapy.
  • Certain specific skin, oral or systemic diseases.

Although there are many types of mouth sores, the most common are canker sores, cold sores, leukoplakia and candidiasis or thrush .

Some people may experience occasional discolored, painless spots in their mouth. Most are harmless and will disappear or remain unchanged. However, some sores or spots can be serious and need the attention of your dentist or physician. For example, oral cancer may not be painful at first, but it can be deadly. Thats why regular dental checkups are important. Have your dentist examine any mouth sore or spot that fails to heal within two weeks.

Causes Of Canker Sores

  • Canker sores have many causes.
  • Minor injuries to the mouth can trigger a canker sore. Examples are from a rough food or a hard toothbrush. Biting oneself while chewing can start one.
  • Food allergies or irritants may also be a trigger.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can also be a cause. A vitamin deficiency can occur if your child is a picky eater.
  • Canker sores can run in families .
  • Often, the cause is unknown.

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What Causes Aphthous Mouth Ulcer

The cause or causes of aphthous mouth ulcers are not well understood. Current thinking is that the immune system is disturbed by some external factor and reacts abnormally against a protein in mucosal tissue.

Although most people with aphthous stomatitis are healthy, it may relate to:

  • Genetic factors a strong family history of aphthous stomatitis is common
  • Other illness, lack of sleep, being run down, psychogenic stress
  • Trauma from an inadvertent bite or brushing teeth

In some patients, there are additional predisposing factors.

  • Hormones: ulcers may recur according to the menstrual cycle
  • Micronutritional deficiencies of iron, B12, or folate
  • Cyclicneutropenia

How Are Canker Sores And Cold Sores Diagnosed

Painful mouth sore

Your doctor will often be able to tell if you have a canker sore or a cold sore based on your medical history and a physical examination.

In order to confirm a diagnosis of cold sores, they may take a sample from the sore to be tested for HSV.

If you have canker sores that recur often, your doctor may also perform blood tests to check for nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, or immune conditions.

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Treating Mouth Ulcers In Babies And Children

Give your child pain relief medicine such as children’s paracetamol if they are in pain. Always follow the instructions on the packet.

Make sure your child is drinking enough fluids like water and milk. Try offering them cold drinks through a straw if their mouth is very sore.

Offer them cool, soft foods to eat. Rough foods like toast or cereal flakes might hurt their mouth.

Avoid acidic fruits and fruit juices. These can sting their mouth.

Offer your child frequent breastfeeds. If you are bottle feeding your baby, make sure you are using the correct bottle teat. This will help to avoid any trauma to the inside of your babys mouth.

Whats The Most Common Type Of Mouth Sore

Cold sores and canker sores are among the most common types of mouth lesions. About 20% of people will develop canker sores at some point in their lives. And while over half of Americans have been infected with the virus that causes cold sores, only 20 to 40% of people develop cold sores as a result.

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Pharmacy First Scotland: Mouth Ulcer Treatment From Your Pharmacy

If you have a mouth ulcer you can get advice and treatment directly from a pharmacy. Find your local pharmacy on Scotland’s Service Directory.

Mouth ulcers can be painful, which can make it uncomfortable to eat, drink or brush your teeth.

It’s usually safe to treat mouth ulcers at home, although your pharmacist may advise that yousee your GP or dentist if:

  • your mouth ulcer has lasted three weeks
  • you keep getting mouth ulcers
  • your mouth ulcer becomes more painful or red this could be a sign of a bacterial infection, which may need treatment with antibiotics

Mouth ulcers are also a possible symptom of a viral infection that mainly affects young children, called hand, foot and mouth disease. Speak to your GP or call the NHS 24 service if you’re unsure.

Read about the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease.

Whats The Role Of Immunosuppressants In Organ Transplants

CANKER SORE – Treatment and mouth ulcer causes ©

For people who get organ transplants, immunosuppressants help prevent organ rejection. Your immune system knows the new organ isnt part of your original body. It perceives the new organ as a threat and will try to destroy it. Immunosuppressants control this response, protecting the new organ.

You will receive strong doses of immunosuppressants at the time of the organ transplantation. This helps ensure transplant success. To prevent organ rejection, youll need to take immunosuppressants every day for life.

The medication dosage may decrease over time as your immune system adjusts to the new organ. Healthcare providers commonly prescribe prednisone for organ transplantation.

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When To See Your Pharmacist Dentist Or Gp

Mouth ulcers can be painful. They can make it uncomfortable to eat, drink or brush your teeth.

It’s usually safe to treat mouth ulcers at home. You can buy several types of mouth ulcer treatment from a pharmacy.

Speak to your pharmacist about the best treatment for you or your child.

See your GP or dentist if:

  • your mouth ulcer has lasted three weeks
  • you keep getting mouth ulcers
  • your mouth ulcer becomes more painful or red this could be a sign of a bacterial infection, which may need treatment with antibiotics

Mouth ulcers are also a possible symptom of a viral infection that mainly affects young children, called hand, foot and mouth disease.

Speak to your GP or call GP out of hours service if you’re unsure.

What To Do When Mouth Ulcers Keep Coming Back

In most cases, mouth ulcers arent dangerous. They will heal on their own within roughly 2 weeks, without the need for dental treatment.

But on occasions, you may get an ulcer that:

  • Is oddly large.
  • Lasts more than 3 weeks without healing, and/or
  • Is recurrent.

It is highly important that you seek the advice of a Doctor or Dentist immediately if:

  • Your ulcer/s has not healed after 2 weeks.
  • The ulcer/s are recurrent, or
  • The ulcer/s are getting in the way of your normal day to day activities.

This is particularly the case if you drink a lot of alcohol regularly, and smoke cigarettes.

It is also important to note that recurrent mouth ulcers are those that come back frequently but are not necessarily always in the same spot.

The recurrent ulcers may be a signal that you have a more serious disease that requires urgent medical treatment, so again it is highly important that you have this looked at by a medical professional.

Your Dentist can detect them with a visual examination, and in some cases, you may need tests to check for other medical conditions, such as:

  • Blood tests if they suspect you may be deficient in a nutrient, or have an inflammatory condition.
  • A biopsy if they are not able to establish what is causing your mouth ulcer/s, or if the ulcer/s do not respond to the usual treatment.
  • Some of the diseases that may be found through the visual examination of your mouth ulcer/s and these tests include health conditions such as:

    • Celiac disease.
    • Lupus, or
    • Reactive arthritis.

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    Who Gets Behet’s Disease

    Behçet’s disease is seen all over the world. But its most common in Northern Turkey , the Mediterranean basin and Middle East , and the Far East . Its not as common in the United States . Anyone can develop this disease at any age, though symptoms usually begin to appear between the ages of 20 and 30. Men and women are equally affected.

    Do Mouth Sores Need To Be Diagnosed

    Oral Lesions, Ulcers, and Sores and How to Treat Them

    You can usually tell when you have a mouth sore without needing a healthcare professionals diagnosis. However, contact a healthcare professional if you:

    • have white patches on your sores, as this may be a sign of leukoplakia or oral lichen planus
    • have or suspect you have herpes simplex or another infection
    • have sores that dont go away or get worse after a couple of weeks
    • started taking a new medication
    • started cancer treatment
    • recently had transplant surgery

    During your visit, a healthcare professional will examine your mouth, tongue, and lips. If they suspect you have cancer, they may perform a biopsy and run some tests.

    Minor mouth sores often go away naturally within 1 to 2 weeks. Some simple home remedies might help reduce the pain and possibly speed up the healing process. You may want to:

    • avoid hot, spicy, salty, citrus-based, and high sugar foods
    • avoid tobacco and alcohol
    • eat ice, ice pops, sherbet, or other cold foods
    • take a pain medication, such as acetaminophen
    • avoid squeezing or picking at the sores or blisters
    • apply a thin paste of baking soda and water
    • gently dab on a solution that is 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water
    • ask your pharmacist about other over-the-counter medications, pastes, or mouthwashes that may be helpful

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    Complications Following Dental Treatment

    Although certain dental procedures, such as tooth removal, can alleviate the primary problem, a secondary problem such as swollen, tender, or painful gums may arise. This usually can be treated with applying an ice pack to the face post-procedure. However, if the swelling or pain persists or increases, an infection may have developed and its best to contact your dentist.

    Treatment For Mouth Ulcers

    Most of the time, mouth ulcers will disappear in a period of one to two weeks, depending on the care you give to your mouth. These are some of the recommendations to help you in case you get a mouth ulcer:

    • A soft toothbrush will work for your teeth: this will help you to avoid irritations to the ulcer
    • Use a toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate
    • Get OTC: this will help you to prevent irritation to the ulcer
    • Avoid the specific type of food like: spicy, hot, or hard: by doing this you will improve your treatment to act faster and that way you can recover more quickly from mouth ulcers
    • When drinking a cold beverage try using a straw
    • Drink a lot of liquids
    • Keep your mouth as clean as possible: this will help keep the area clean and avoid more infections, it can also provide you a sensation of pain relief
    • Rinse your mouth with salted water: this procedure will keep your mouth clean

    Patients can follow tips or some home remedies to try to recover from mouth ulcers. However, please take into account that it is always very important to have a consultation with a professional as mouth ulcers develop due to different causes

    If patients continue getting ulcers frequently, it will be necessary to keep a record and visit a professional to get a full analysis and discard it is something else in which an alternative approach will be required.

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