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Natural Remedies For Leg Ulcers

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Clinical Use Of Honey

Herbal Healing : Herbal Remedy for Leg Ulcers

Several studies have proven that local honey is beneficial for wounds, cuts, minor burns, bed sores and even leg ulcers. But, this does not mean you can simply dab honey as much as you want on the affected area.

  • The amount of local honey required on the wound relates to the amount of fluid exuding from the wound diluting it.
  • It is recommended to apply honey to an absorbent dressing prior to application. When applied directly to a wound, the honey may run off before the application of a dressing to hold it in place.
  • Honey may not soak readily into absorbent dressings. To facilitate soaking, warm the honey to body temperature. You can also add 1 part water to 20 parts honey to make the honey more fluid.
  • To treat cavity wounds, a blister of honey can be held on a wound using an adhesive film dressing.
  • As infection may lie in the tissues underlying the wound area, honey dressings may be needed beyond the inflamed area surrounding a wound.

Natural Treatment For Diabetic Leg Ulcers

Of course, a proper diabetes diet and blood sugar control are essential to preventing leg ulcers. For any existing, open ulcers, cleaning and dressing the wound is essential. You may want to consider coating the wound with honey as a natural antibiotic to supplement your immune system’s own efforts to prevent infection. Supplemental zinc and vitamin C will speed up the healing process. As one more option, phototherapy offers a promising alternative medicine treatment for diabetic leg ulcers.

I have this Ulcer on my right leg., . Being a tropical ulcer, it weeps and defuses bad odor where ever I went., Thus making it harder for me to travel in public vehicles.., it’s also very painful and caused inflammation to my right leg, that walking short distance is avoided.., into the third week of this misery a good friend of mine came for a visit and saw me in this misery., that friend suggested using Coconut Activated Charcoal therapy., and he advised me how to build a simple Charcoal Kiln and process the Activated Charcoal,, now I’m on this therapy and I’m satisfied with the results.., the oozing had stop and almost 95% of the odour is gone,, currently I’m on the mend, after 3 days of consumption and sprinkling the the charcoal onto the ulcer.

Baby Aspirin for Diabetic Leg Ulcers

Within days, the ulcers started healing, and now a month later, they’re completely gone, no trace!

Treating Leg Ulcers At Home

Ulcers on the leg can be very painful. Treating them at home can help reduce healing time and discomfort. Itâs very important to keep the wound clean, bandaged, and dry. This helps to curb the risk of infection given the extended healing time. Following your physicianâs directives for changing the bandages can help aid in healing.

Patients should be careful to properly maintain bandaged leg ulcers. If the skin around the wound gets too wet, this can cause the ulcer to expand into these healthy tissues. Expansion of these painful wounds may require more involved treatment protocols.

Wearing compression socks daily can help support lower extremity blood circulation, speeding up the healing process. The compression can also help reduce pain and swelling. Keeping active and elevating the ulcer above the heart can also aid in healing because it promotes good circulation.

One out of twenty diabetes patients experience neuropathic ulcers each year. Neuropathic ulcers call for even more treatment interventions to encourage healing. Since they are most often caused by uncontrolled blood sugar, adhering to a diabetes maintenance plan is key. These ulcers are frequently located on the foot instead of the lower leg. As a result, avoiding pressure on the wound requires that the patient avoid walking and other activity unless absolutely necessary.

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Herbal Remedies For Venous Leg Ulcer Pain

Venous leg ulcers, also known as stasis ulcers or varicose ulcers, result from inadequate blood flow in your legs that causes blood to pool in your veins. The condition is generally a complication of other leg problems, such as venous hypertension and chronic venous insufficiency. The ulcers are open wounds that can be painful and, if not treated, can become infected. Herbs may help relieve the pain and heal the wound naturally. Consult your health care provider before starting herbal treatment for venous leg ulcer pain.

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Causes Of Venous Ulcers

5 Effective Natural Remedies For Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Venous ulcers most often form around the ankles.

Venous ulcers typically occur because of damage to the valves inside the leg veins. These valves control the blood pressure inside the veins. They allow it to drop when you walk. If the blood pressure inside your leg veins doesn’t fall as you’re walking, the condition is called sustained venous hypertension. That increase in blood pressure causes ulcers to form on your ankles.

Venous ulcers may also be caused by other problems with your leg veins. These include:

  • Varicose veins. These are large, bulging leg veins. They occur when valves in the leg veins dont work well, allowing blood to collect in the lower leg.

  • Chronic venous insufficiency. Like varicose veins, this condition occurs when your leg veins cant pump blood back up to your heart. Blood then pools in your lower legs, causing your legs to swell. Since the blood can’t flow well in your legs, the swelling may be extreme. This extreme swelling can put so much pressure on your skin that venous ulcers form.

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Diagnosis Of Leg Ulcers

  • examine the wound
  • perform some tests to measure the blood flow in your lower leg, such as the ankle-brachial index. This test compares blood pressure readings taken at the ankle and at the arm using a device called a Doppler machine
  • recommend an angiogram for an arterial ulcer, to find out if the artery needs surgery to clear the blockage.

Herbs With Vulnerary Action Include:

  • comfrey
  • slippery elm
  • gotu kola

Now, with an increase in antibiotic resistance, attention is turning back to herbal remedies. Researchers are studying herbal remedies to find new antimicrobial treatments. Whats more, their findings often confirm the traditional herbal use. Including the wound healing properties of plants, known since ancient times. In fact, several research studies show the effectiveness of herbal remedies for healing leg ulcers.

In addition to promoting skin ulceration healing, many herbs have other medicinal benefits. Such as reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, soothing the skin and preventing infection.

Here are some examples:

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Dont Forget The Psyche

As previously mentioned, but worthy of further discussion, stress affects the gastrointestinal tract. Fear can decrease blood flow to the stomach, while anger causes the capillaries in the stomach to become engorged, more friable, and susceptible to bleeding. Chronic anxiety can increase acid production. The following true account from the 1950s poignantly illustrates the critical role of emotional health and the power of forgiveness.

With her physicians help, she worked through the problems in her marriage, as well as many others. However even with all the treatments, counseling, and her own persistence, she was still no better physically and continued to bleed. Maria, her doctor said, you have worked so hard on your problems. Is there anything else that might be troubling you? I cant think of a single thing. Her doctor was ready to schedule her for surgery when, in the middle of the night, she was urgently called to Marias room. Maria was pacing violently back and forth, hands clenched, hissing repeatedly, I hate her! I hate her!

What Causes Diabetic Ulcers

Herbal Remedy for Leg Ulcers

Alcohol, tobacco use, obesity, heart disease, and kidney disease are just a few factors that increase the risk of these ulcers. Poor-fitting shoes can also cause blisters on the toes and sole of the foot that can worsen quickly. High blood sugar suppresses immune response, so infection can create complications.

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What Are The Types Of Ulcers

There are two types of ulcers that can affect your feet and toes:

  • Neurotrophic ulcers.
  • Arterial ulcers.

Diabetics can get neurotrophic ulcers. Neurotrophic ulcers can be found anywhere on your feet, but theyre usually on pressure points on the bottoms of your feet. The base, or middle of the ulcer, can look different from person to person. It changes because the appearance depends on your circulation. A neurotrophic ulcer can appear pink, red, brown or black or a combination of these colors. The borders of the ulcers are punched out while the surrounding skin is often calloused.

Anyone can get an arterial ulcer. The word arterial means relating to arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that transport blood from your heart to the rest of your body, including your feet and toes. Arterial ulcers appear on your heels, the tips or your toes, between your toes where they rub against one another and anywhere your bones may protrude and rub against bed sheets, socks or shoes. They also occur commonly in the nail bed if your toenail cuts into the surrounding skin or if you had recent aggressive toenail trimming or an ingrown toenail removed.

Best Herbal Remedies To Heal Skin Ulcers

November 20, 2017 by nikki hawkes

A venous leg ulcer is a chronic wound. These can take months to heal. They are painful and may itch. If you have a skin ulcer, the surrounding skin can swell and you can feel unwell. Having a chronic leg ulcer can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life. Yet conventional medicine offers few options for the treatment of a skin ulcer.

The standard care for a skin ulcer combines cleaning and dressing of the wound. Plus compression therapy stockings or a compression bandage to improve blood flow to the area.

In some cases, a doctor might recommend topical or systemic antibiotics for a patient. And, of course, its true that many leg ulcers harbour bacteria. But, only someone with an active infection should use antibiotics due to the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Theres a theorythat bacteria in a chronic wound such as a chronic venous leg ulcer protect themselves by forming biofilms. These bacterial biofilms help to make the bacteria resistant to antibiotics. They make wound care more difficult because these biofilms can also slow down the healing rate of ulcers.

So, if antibiotic treatment does nothing to help heal the ulcer, is there anything that does?

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How Venous Leg Ulcers Are Treated

Most venous leg ulcers heal within 3 to 4 months if they’re treated by a healthcare professional trained in compression therapy for leg ulcers. However, some ulcers may take longer to heal, and a very small number never heal.

Treatment usually involves:

  • cleaning and dressing the wound
  • using compression, such as bandages or stockings, to improve the flow of blood in the legs

Antibiotics may also be used if the ulcer becomes infected, but they don’t help ulcers to heal.

However, unless the underlying cause of the ulcer is addressed, there’s a high risk of a venous leg ulcer recurring after treatment. Underlying causes could include immobility, obesity, previous DVT, or varicose veins.

What To Look Our For When Applying Compression Bandaging Wrap Systems Or Hosiery

13 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Leg Ulcers Naturally

If youre using a wrap system, wear supportive stockings or tights or use compression bandaging (compression bandaging is normally only applied by your nurse or healthcare professional, here are some things to look out for:

  • Does your footwear still fit the same if your footwear is tight it may mean that the swelling has increased?
  • Does the bandaging, wrap or hosiery feel firm and supportive?
  • Is your skin red and inflamed?
  • Is your skin dry and flaky?
  • Is your skin white and soggy like youve just come out of the bath?
  • Do you have eczema or another skin condition that requires specific creams or ointments?

If you have concerns with any of the above, please get in touch with your healthcare professional for advice.

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How Long Does It Take For A Stomach Ulcer To Heal

Its not that easy to treat a stomach ulcer.

There is no specific time limit and recurrences after treatment are frequent.

Each individuals reaction to medication is also very different, which is why it is impossible to define a healing time.

Its a long way to go but changing your diet by selecting beneficial foods and adding some targeted supplements can help you overcome this condition.

Try to be proactive and take action both to treat the ulcer and to prevent its recurrence.

This will save you time and comfort.

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Benefits Of Using Ozonated Olive Oil For Diabetic Ulcers

One of the most effective methods to keep wounds clean and speed healing is to deliver oxygen right to the affected area, and one of the best ways to do that is with ozonated oils. Research shows increasing oxygen stimulates your skins natural healing power. Plus, it soothes nerves in the affected area and reduces discomfort, swelling, and redness.

When an ozonated olive oil like O2-Zap® was applied to a deep wound it produced faster healing and reduced wound size compared to oil alone. In my opinion, O2-Zap® is an excellent natural skin solution for a variety of skin concerns. Weve received great feedback from people whove used it as a natural remedy for diabetic sores and ulcers.

Have you experienced the positive effects of ozonated olive oil or have another tip for dealing with diabetic sores and ulcers? Please leave a comment and share your story with us.


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    Can Venous Leg Ulcers Be Prevented

    There are several ways to help prevent a venous leg ulcer in people at risk, such as:

    • wearing compression stockings
    • losing weight if you’re overweight
    • exercising regularly
    • elevating your leg when possible

    This is particularly important if you’ve previously had a leg ulcer once a leg has suffered a venous ulcer, you’re at risk of further ulcers developing within months or years.

    Read more about preventing venous leg ulcers.

    Helping The Ulcer Heal

    10 Beneficial Home Remedies For Leg Ulcers
  • 1Walk regularly to help your leg ulcer heal more quickly. Sitting for long periods of time can make swelling around your leg ulcer worse. So, keep active. Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve blood circulation in your leg and help your leg ulcer heal naturally. Just adding walks into your daily routine will do a lot of good for your ulcer.XResearch source
  • A daily 30-minute walk will help reduce swelling and improve blood flow in your leg.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks that donât aggravate your leg ulcer.
  • 2Elevate your leg when you sit or lie down to ease the swelling of a venous ulcer. Whenever you sit down, elevate your legs to keep blood in your leg from pooling. When you elevate your affected leg, make it so that your toes are level with your eyes.XResearch source
  • You can use a sofa cushion, pillows, a suitcase, or a foam wedge to keep your legs raised.
  • Put one of the above items under your mattress, so that your legs will be elevated when you sleep during the night.
  • Elevate your feet for at least a few minutes every hour.
  • Keep your legs hanging down if you have an arterial leg ulcer.
  • 3Exercise your legs regularly to encourage better circulation. Another thing you should do when youâre sitting down is move your legs and feet around. To do this, move your feet up and down, and rotate your ankles.XResearch source
  • You should also consider moderating your consumption of alcohol.
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    Home Remedies For Arterial And Venous Ulcers:

    Healing poultice: place a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil and oil drop of liquid chlorophyll in some dressing and gently apply to the wound.

    Kale remedy: cut the kale into small pieces and mix two tablespoons of kale with one cup of oatmeal tea . Moisten the kale in the hot tea and after it has cooled, moisten the wound with it.

    Healing juice for ulcers: blend 20 well-washed carrots in the blender and two cups of cabbage with one cup of alfalfa sprouts. Sip the juice slowly while eating.

    Green tea or ginkgo infusions will help promote good circulation. Drink two or three cups 20 minutes after eating.

    Bananas With Honey And Milk

    For treating a stomach ulcer, both unripe and ripe bananas are very effective. Banana contains antibacterial properties that can inhibit the growth of stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Raw bananas possess compounds such as pectin and phosphatidylcholine that strengthen mucosal resistance of your stomach to ulcerogens and may combat peptic ulcers. Bananas can also protect your digestive system by removing the acidity of your gastric juices. This will assist you in reducing inflammation and strengthening your stomach lining.

    Remedy 1: Bananas and honey


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    What Should I Do If I Think I Might Have A Leg Ulcer

    If you have any concerns about the condition of your legs, even if you dont have exactly the same symptoms as described above, its important to seek advice. If you have a wound or sore that isnt healing, make an appointment at your GP practice as it could turn into or be the beginnings of a leg ulcer. You might be given an appointment to see the nurse rather than the doctor as nurses are often responsible for caring for patients with leg problems.

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