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My Partner Has Ulcerative Colitis

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It’s A Love And Hate Relationship With Food

In My Words: Life with Ulcerative Colitis | Jacklynâs Story

With Crohn’s we have our own food triggers, which can be devastating to our digestive systems and send us running to the bathroom. Unfortunately for us, there is NO SINGLE ALL CURING DIET PLAN that can help us. We really just have to figure it out on our own since triggers differ from person to person. I get a lot of questions like, “Can you eat this?” “Or what can you eat?” and the answer isn’t very simple. I can eat just about anything I want most days, but if I’m feeling off or it’s getting close to my next infusion appointment – I take it easy on the hard to digest foods. I try to eat as healthy and balanced as I can while still getting the same sense of satisfactory indulgence as anyone else. For instance, I would love to eat an entire pan of brownies but this would lead to me feeling like sh** the next day as it would with anyone I feel. If you switch this desire I hold for brownies during a flare-up, it gets a bit more complicated and pretty much impossible. During a flare-up, however, my indulgences subside and I only crave foods that will sustain me without bringing about more harm.

Your Pouch Embarrasses You

After surgery to remove your colon, you may need to wear an ostomy bag to collect waste. With a bag, theres the worry youll pass stool during sex or the bag will leak.

Again, this is when a conversation with your partner can clear the air and make you more comfortable with your ostomy bag. Your ostomy nurse can also offer advice on how to handle your bag during sex.

If youre embarrassed about the bag, use a smaller one in bed, or wear special underwear to conceal it. Emptying the bag just before you have sex will reduce the chances of anything leaking out, too.

How To Stop Ulcerative Colitis From Ruining Your Love Life

Finding the right man and getting intimate feels impossible for women who have an inflammatory bowel disease . I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a few years before my husband and I married. Now, 15 years later, I understand how a woman with IBD can have loving relationship with a man. Im not a marriage therapist or a gastroenterology specialist, but my personal experience with intestinal disease and marriage has been enlighteningand often humbling.

While writing 10 Natural Ways to Ease the Pain of Ulcerative Colitis, I realized Ive never written about how ulcerative colitis can affect relationships, marriage, or physical intimacy. Are you struggling with an inflammatory bowel disease or syndrome? If youre worried about finding love, my experience with IBD and love might comfort and encourage you.

After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis I thought I could never get married! How could I possibly take my nightly Pentasa enemas with a husband in bed beside me? What would he think about my intestinal flareups and noisy, stinky stints in the bathroom? Was it possible to hide the fact that I have an inflammatory bowel disease?

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How To Help When A Flare

When a flare-up happensand it willyou can be your partner’s best advocate and helper. However, it may be very hard on you at times because you will need to manage the household while your spouse is recovering. You will also need to take a deep breath and be patient with your spouse’s frequent need to use the bathroom. The more you can find it in yourself to be understanding and to help your spouse recuperate, the quicker he or she will recover and get back to being themselves. Things that you can help with are household chores, managing children, coming to doctor’s appointments, and staying on top of the medication schedule.

Love Your Body For Better Or Worse

Up The Bum: How I Put Ulcerative Colitis Into Remission

Your body, mind and spirit are the only things youll have for the rest of your life. Love, relationships, boyfriends, husbands, friends, family, children everything else will eventually leave you. Or die.

Learn how to love your body and yourself for who you are. Intestinal bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohns disease and all the associated therapies, equipment and surgeries are part of who you are. Your body is doing the best she can to survive give her the love and attention she needs.

Treat yourself well, and a relationship will fall into place. Love yourself fully and completely, and love will find you. Build a strong relationship with God, and every other important relationship in your life will unfold naturally.

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Youre Not In The Mood

During sex, your brain releases feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters that ease depression and relieve stress. But UC or the medications you take to treat it can inhibit your sex drive.

You can take an antidepressant, but some of these medications may affect sex drive, too. Talk to a mental health professional or qualified sex therapist about other ways to manage your mental health and get in the mood again.

Some people with UC have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction can be due to the condition itself, or the medications or surgery used to treat it.

See a urologist for advice on how to treat erection problems. There are several options, including:

  • ED medication like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra
  • penis pump devices

Food Preparation And Meal Planning

Food preparation and meal planning can be helpful tools when youre coping with a UC flare.

Eating four to six mini meals, rather than three large meals, daily can be helpful for people with UC. That can be a lot to whip up when youre managing severe symptoms, so consider preparing meals in advance with foods that you know you tolerate well.

Here are some meal prep tips for UC flares:

  • Buy ingredients in bulk. That can help you save money and have all the right ingredients on hand for preparing many meals at once.
  • Cook in batches. This involves cooking larger quantities of food than you might usually make for yourself, then storing extra food to eat at a later time.
  • Pre-portion your meals. Dividing larger batches of food into meal-size portions, then storing them in the fridge or freezer, makes it easy to reheat and eat.
  • Use a slow cooker. Slow cookers offer a hands-off approach to cooking, giving you the chance to focus on more involved tasks for your meal prep.
  • Mix up your menu. Eating the same meals over and over again can become boring. Incorporate new recipes so you continue to enjoy the meals youve prepared in advance.

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He Had Recurring Pain For Nearly A Decade

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By Lisa Sanders, M.D.

The pain woke the 52-year-old physician from a dead sleep. It was as if all the muscles in his right leg, from those in the buttock down his thigh to the very bottom of his calf, were on fire. He shifted slightly to see if he could find a more comfortable position. There was a jag of pain, and he almost cried out. He glanced at the clock: 4 a.m. In just three hours he would have to get up. He had a full day of patients to see. Massage didnt help. He couldnt get comfortable lying flat, so finally he moved to the living room, to a recliner. Only then, and only by lying completely still, did he manage to get the pain to abate. He drifted off, but never for long. The searing pain in his leg and buttock slowly eased, and by the time his alarm went off, he could stand and walk though his muscles still ached and he had to baby his right leg, causing a limp.

Between patients, he arranged to see his own doctor. Hed had pain off and on in his buttocks, one side or the other, for more than a year. The pain was in the middle of each cheek and was worse when he was sitting and at the end of the day. Walking to and from his car on the way home was brutal. And then, as mysteriously as it came, it would disappear only to come back a week or two later.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis: My Story

Recognizing the symptoms of ulcerative colitis is your first step toward knowing when your disease is in a flare and when to seek medical attention.

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis vary from person to person and about half of all ulcerative colitis patients experience mild symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your healthcare provider.

  • Loose and urgent bowel movements

  • Bloody stool

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The Importance Of Talking And Listening

If you are experiencing problems with sex, particularly if you are suffering pain resulting from intimacy, it is important to bring it up with your IBD specialist. If you do not feel comfortable discussing these issues with your specialist, you may feel more comfortable talking to your IBD nurse or your doctor.

Know That Ibd Colitis Or Crohns Cannot Prevent Love

Sure, ulcerative colitis is embarrassing. My bathroom experiences are gross and thankfully my husband isnt involved in this aspect of my life! Unfortunately, however, sometimes he hears what happens when Im in the bathroom and the colitis is flared. Ill never forget one time we were on vacation in Munich, Germany. The hotel room was so tiny he could hear everything I was experiencing in the bathroom! Blech.

An intestinal bowel disease can be humbling, but it does not have to be humiliating. IBD can change a relationship, but it does not have to block or destroy love! Sometimes your boyfriend or husband will witness the effects of your ulcerative colitis or Crohns. It may affect how attractive you feel. Your job is to work through your feelings, and allow your true self to shine through with your husband. It also helps to remember that most men easily dismiss silly things like bathroom noises.

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Symptom No : Sudden Diarrhea

Solution: In a pinch, use an over-the-counter antidiarrheal medication,such as those containing imodium. To reduce diarrhea over the long term, try eating more gut-soothing foods rice, bananas, toast and avoiding some of the tougher-to-digest fruit and vegetable skins, Vaughn says.

If youre in public, make sure you know the locations of nearby bathrooms. The Crohns & Colitis Foundation recommends drawing up a map ahead of time and packing a personal hygiene kit that includes toilet paper, wipes, ointment, and extra underwear or clothes.

Symptom No : Abdominal Cramps

13 Best Colitis recipes images

Solution: Try to pinpoint your triggers. Stomach cramps are often caused by gas or spasms in the gut. Common culprits include foods high in fiber or fat, which can impact gas production, says , an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota Medical School in Minneapolis and director of their inflammatory bowel disease program. Foods that are high in insoluble fiber especially cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower can be particularly hard to digest, according to the Crohns & Colitis Foundation.

Medications, such as a recent course of antibiotics or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin can also trigger abdominal pain, he says.

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Figuring Out Which Foods Trigger Flare

As the NIDDK explains, although ulcerative colitis isnt caused by diet or nutrition, certain foods can trigger the symptoms or make them worse in some people. The tricky part is figuring out which ones.

Common ulcerative colitis triggers include dairy, high-fiber foods like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine, according to the Mayo Clinic. That said, its really individual. Sam has always loved food and says that when it comes to what she can eat now, I have not figured that aspect out. And its not for lack of trying. I feel like I’ve done everything! she tells SELF, explaining that she tries to avoid various food groups like dairy that can trigger symptoms. It doesn’t mean I don’t ever eat them, but I try to avoid them, she says. I’m definitely still experimenting.

Stacey Bader Curry, 48, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in March 2020 and is concerned about giving up foods she loves, as well as alcohol and coffee. I’m trying to focus on what I can eat and not what I can’t eat, she says.

To figure out whether certain foods might be triggering your symptoms, the NIDDK recommends keeping a food diary where you record everything you eat and any flare-ups to help you work out what your dietary triggers could be.

Not Everyone Will Understand The Intensity Of Your Disease

Although ulcerative colitis can affect many aspects of your physical health, its often considered an invisible illness. Depending on the severity of symptoms on a given day, people with the condition can often still move around without any obvious signs that theyre in pain or discomfort. It puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders when you are chronically ill and it’s not visible, because you have to explain yourself time and time again, Skomski says. And since people between the ages of 15 and 30 are one of the more at-risk age groups for developing ulcerative colitis, people with the condition are sometimes perceived as too young to be sick.

People may also have a hard time wrapping their head around the pretty major lifestyle adjustments you might have to make with ulcerative colitis. My lifestyle’s not like a typical 20-something, Sam says. I think a lot of my friends see this as the intense period of their life: staying up all night, going to concerts that go until the middle of the night, going to bars, things like that. And I just can’t.

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The Big Problem With The Current Conventional Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

Current conventional treatment does not focus on any of the causes and only targets symptoms.

Doctors do not believe that chronic stress and emotional imbalances could be a factor in triggering the disease. They also do not believe diet or lifestyle choices could be a cause. This is changing slowly however as more research proves otherwise. Most of the current medications for ulcerative colitis lead to negative side effects, especially the use of steroids long term. Surgery still does not solve the problem because if the causes are still present, disease will manifest in other areas of the body.

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Make Less Stress A Priority

Jacklynâs Story | In My Words: Life with Ulcerative Colitis

Another way to help prevent a flare or intercept one thats already begun? Destress. Theres a lot of research on the role of stress in this condition, Dr. Farhadi says. Like a recent study in Frontiers in Pediatrics where researchers found that stress might promote relapses in inflammatory bowel disease . In a stressful moment, have in mind that all measures to manage stress are very important, he says. He recommends finding your own best way to manage stress. The next slides offer a few options to try.

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Let Your Ibd Do What It Needs To Do

Will your ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease make an appearance while youre actually having sex with your boyfriend or husband? It never happened to me. My colitis seems to shut down when I was intimate with my husband. Sometimes I felt my guts burbling and the ulcerative colitis acting up, but I proceeded to be intimate with my husband. I was worried about a possible toot toot , but my body knew what she was doing. While sex was happening, my ulcerative colitis went to sleep.

Will your IBD act up during intimate moments? Test and see! Be intimate with your own body. Do your intestines quieten down as the rest of your body rises up? Of course it depends on the type, degree, and activity of your ulcerative colitis. Learn about your body. You already know your body better than anyone .

Love, relationships, and intestinal bowel diseases can co-exist. Youll just have to feel your way to a healthy intimate life with your boyfriend or husband.

What Side Effects Of Ibd Can Cause Malnutrition

There are several reasons why people with IBD may be at risk for malnutrition. The following list includes some side effects that contribute to malnutrition.

  • Inadequate food/fluid intake may by caused by nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite or altered taste sensation
  • Increased losses â intestinal inflammation during acute flares results in increased protein losses, losses from fistula fluids, diarrhea and bleeding
  • Increased nutritional needs â inflammation or infection increases metabolic requirements
  • Malabsorption with Crohns disease may be caused by severe intestinal inflammation, resection of small intestine and medications, such as prednisone and sulfasalazine

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Having A Supportive Partner When Living With Crohn’s Or Colitis

Today, more than 1.6 million individuals in the United States are living with inflammatory bowel disease . The fact of the matter is that having a type of inflammatory bowel disease can lead everyday life to feel unpredictable.

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IBD makes you cancel plans, letting people down because your last-minute flare has left you chained to the toilet. Your stomach cramps so badly that not even codeine will touch it and you begin to bleed. You end up feeling as though your body is restricting you from living your life. Often, sadly, it is. But things are easier when you have somebody by your side who understands that your illness is not your fault that its a part of you that you cant help, wrote Hattie Gladwell, blogger and writer for Metro.

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