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Aloe Vera Gel For Horses Ulcers

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What Are The Best Natural Treatments For Laminitis In Horses

Essentially Horses Aloe Vera Gel

The multitude of causes can mean that its difficult to treat but the key is to keep the hoof healthy and maintain a good blood supply, that way external factors are less likely to affect your horse.

Apple cider vinegar

Due to its acidic nature, this might sound like a strange thing to recommend but its exactly this that can make it so good. The reason for this is that it helps to acidify the stomach which in turn increases the horses ability to digest and absorb minerals, therefore reducing the chance of laminitis recurring. It can also slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream which is especially helpful in ponies and horses that are insulin resistant.

What to consider when feeding apple cider vinegar to horses

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic so it shouldnt be given to horses that suffer from ulcers or are prone to colic.

How should you feed apple cider vinegar to horses?

You should add 1/4 to 1/2 cups of apple cider vinegar to the same amount of water before mixing it thoroughly then adding it to your horses feed. Its important to mention though that when giving your horse apple cider vinegar you use a plastic bucket. This is because the acid in the vinegar will erode metal buckets , over time releasing minerals into your horses feed.

There are a lot of different types of apple cider vinegar on the market these days but you should only give your horse the raw, unfiltered type because this hasnt lost any of the natural minerals.


Rose hip

Intro To Equine Ulcers

The only definitive method to diagnose ulcers is through an endoscopy, a relatively quick and simple procedure that can be performed at most equine vet clinics or hospitals.

According to an article from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, more than half of all horses are affected by gastric ulcers. Rigorous exercise is believed to contribute to the risk of ulcers because it increases gastric acid production while reducing blood flow to the GI tract. This is one of the reasons why horses competing in shows and endurance rides are at higher risk than other horses. Thoroughbred race horses are the most at risk, with an estimated 90% being affected.

Aloe Vera Prevents And Treats Gastric Ulcers

Benefit confidence: High

A 2011 animal study conducted by the Department of Pharmacology, Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, India, found that oral administration of aloe vera juice helps prevent induced peptic ulcers in albino rats.

A human study carried out on patients suffering from gastric ulcers in Iran found that oral administration of aloe vera gel twice a day along with the conventional gastric ulcer treatment aided in faster recovery and proved to be beneficial in treating gastric ulcers.

Another animal study conducted on rats found that aloe vera can treat induced gastric ulcers by improving tissue health and reducing inflammation of the tissue according to an article published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology.

An animal study conducted on rats induced with gastric ulcers found on oral administration of aloe vera gel the number of ulcers and lesions in the gastric area decreased significantly.

What does it mean? Administration of aloe vera orally increases the chance of treating gastric ulcers drastically.

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Horse Ulcer Treatments One

I hope your eyes arenât crossed after reading about the different holistic treatments for each type of horse ulcer. Itâs important to treat your horseâs ulcer appropriately otherwise you waste your money and your horseâs ulcer wonât heal. Luckily, most horses respond well to the appropriate treatment so once you determine what kind of ulcer your horse has,you just have to get the right supplements to nourish and heal his gut.

For one-stop online shopping for all of the ulcer treatment products mentioned in this newsletter, just visit the Holistic Horsekeeping online store.

Proven Benefits Of Aloe Vera In Stomach Ulcers

Forever Aloe Vera Gel®

Aloe vera is a thick green cactus-like plant that was once grown abundantly as weed, is now, a plant of high medicinal value.

The current article discusses if aloe can be beneficial for stomach issues specifically ulcers.

Although the medicinal uses of aloe vera trace its history into the ancient Egyptian times, the advent of technology has brought it in limelight.

A bit about stomach now.

The natural lining of the stomach protects it from damage.

This thick layer can be reduced in many ways like a bacterial infection, long-term intake of drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen, or excessive acidity in the stomach, which results in the digestive juice to eat away the stomach lining and resulting in painful sores called ulcers.

This may lead to symptoms like stomach ache, indigestion, heartburn, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, headache, weight loss etc.

The lesions in the stomach lining can be cured by the use of aloe vera because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.

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Is Acid To Blame

The diagram shows two opposing forces . Whilst some research into the bacterium Helicobacter equorum has been done, current veterinary focus is to reduce the amount of acid that is being produced by using drugs such as Tagament, Zantac, or Omaprazole. This creates a temporary less painful, less hostile environment for an ulcer. In the resulting temporarily less acid /more alkaline environment, tissue seeks to repair itself and, if appetite improves, roughage eaten can once again mop up acidity adequately. Hopefully, this breaks the vicious cycle. However, the great misnomer in EGUS is increased acidity because your horse doesnt produce more acid than it should!

One of lifes miracles is how the stomach is designed to contain acid. There is a neutral pH near the lower oesophageal sphincter , a near neutral to mildly acidic pH near the margo plicatus and a mildly to extremely acidic pH in the glandular region near the pylorus where acid is produced. This last region is the most hostile and most difficult to repair location for an ulcer.

Aloe Vera For Horse Digestion

Studies show that aloe vera is an effective aid for horse digestion. The natural supplement is particularly beneficial for medical conditions resulting from inflammation. One such problem common among performance horses is intestinal ulcers. Ulcers are present in over 90% of racehorses and is a result of training and horse management.

Because ulcers can be so uncomfortable for horses, the temptation for their owners is to reach for the product that will offer the quickest relief, said Madalyn Ward in her article for However, these drugs block or buffer the horses stomach acid, which hinders digestion in the long term. She recommends natural products that do not contain calcium, magnesium or aluminum for the prevention and treatment of ulcers in horses.

Aloe vera, which has long been used as a digestive aid for humans, is also a good option for horses struggling with stomach issues. Aloe vera contains over 75 healthful vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin, stomach and colon. It is a mucilaginous, or bitter herb, which has been recognized as a pain reliever, soothing agent and a stimulant to the immune system. It is high in digestible fiber, which gives it the properties of lowering bowel transit time, absorbing toxins in the bowel, regulating colonic bacteria, and soothing and protecting the digestive tract, explained Ward.

Because horses consume so much aloe vera gel, it is best to buy bulk aloe vera gel for horses.


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Why Use Aloe Vera For Gastritis And Ulcer

Aloe vera is a wonder plant. This short-stemmed succulent shrub is one of the 500 other species of the Aloe genus. Many aloes are native to North Africa.

An Egyptian Medical record that dates back 16th century B.C. notes the earliest medicinal use of aloe vera

In the ancient Egypt people used to call aloe vera as the plant of immortality.

The erect and succulent leaves are full of crystal and thick gel. The essential benefits of aloe vera come from this aloe gel.

Recent scientific studies claim the extraordinary medicinal values of aloe vera gel.

The worldwide popularity of the shrub is due to the therapeutic benefits of aloe gel.

Aloe vera has extensive use in food items, cosmetics, herbal supplements, etc.

For medicinal purposes, you can use fresh aloe vera gel obtained from the leaves. You can also buy the gel supplements at the medical stores.

The chemical compounds of aloe vera are especially useful for relieving gastritis symptoms. Aloe vera consists of 99% water content. The remaining 1% includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, sterols, glycoproteins, etc.

When you are treating gastritis problem, all you are doing is relieving its symptoms. Doctors recommend consuming light and liquid diet to soothe the inflamed stomach lining. You should also avoid all sorts of spicy foods and alcohol consumption.

Since aloe vera is alkaline, it can balance the acidity or pH level in the stomach.

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Can I Put Coconut Oil On My Horses Coat

Remarkable Horse Healing with Aloe Vera Juice

Feeding coconut oil to your horse will help to improve the condition and shine of his coat as well as his mane and tail but you dont need to feed it to your horse, if youd prefer to, you can use it directly on his coat. A tiny amount used directly on the mane and tail can also help to detangle them.

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What Are The Best Natural Treatments For Arthritis In Horses

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Bute and Equioxx are often used to treat arthritis but prolonged use of them can have a negative impact on a horses stomach and can often lead to ulcers which is why many people are turning to natural alternatives.

Devils Claw

Native to southern Africa and Madagascar, devils claw is a herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. It has high levels of a compound known as harpagoside that is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects. Probably the best thing about devils claw is that its pain-relieving benefits are on a par with those of a lot of analgesic medicines.

What to consider when feeding devils claw to horses

There are no known side effects of devils claw but is classed as a banned substance in many disciplines. It also has a bitter taste which you might need to disguise before feeding to your horse.

How should you feed devils claw to horses?

You should give your horse 10g of devils claw for every 150Kg of their weight, this should be mixed with their feed twice a day.


When applied directly to wounds echinacea has been proven to help speed up the healing process and reduce the chance of infection.

What to consider when feeding echinacea to horses

There are no known issues or side effects with feeding echinacea to horses although its advisable to start with a lower dose first.

How should you feed echinacea to horses?


What to consider when feeding meadowsweet to horses

Treatment Of Ulcer In Horses

Treating ulcers is not that difficult It can be controlled and prevented by simple changes in housing and diet. A large amount of food at the same time will upset the digestive system and, as a result, will produce a large amount of acid. If the stomach remains empty after that for a long time, it will cause a lot of damage.

However, if good quality forage is available for 24 hours, it will reduce this problem. It is one of the best ways to reduce ulcers in horses.

Allowing the horses to roam freely in the pasture will decrease this problem. You should make sure that pasture arrangements are comfortable. As if the horses feel stressed during that time, the risk of ulcers will also increase.

There are different treatment plans and methods available on the market. They are all used to heal ulcers in horses. Most of the products used for the treatment of ulcers contain omeprazole. This ingredient is the same that is added in human medicine. If your horse suffers from an ulcer problem, aloe vera can be used as an effective option.

At the University of Adelaide, while searching for a treatment for equine gastric ulcers, the research team came up with an unusual solution: aloe vera.

Regular use of aloe vera will not only soothe burned skin but will also protect the stomachs inner lining.

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Should You Buy A Horse With Ulcers

Yes, you can definitely ride a horse with ulcers. Most owners who find out their horses have an ulcer put them onto a treatment plan right away. It doesnt stop the horse from training and performing. However, the severity of the ulcer can affect the diet and therefore energy of the horse so you need to monitor that.

Aloe Vera Acts As An Analgesic

Australian Fresh Equine Aloe Vera Juice 1 litre

Benefit confidence: Medium

According to an animal study conducted on rats published in the Inflammation magazine, high doses of oral aloe vera supplements reduced formalin-induced pain in mice.

A study conducted by the Department of Pharmacology, Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, India, found that aloe vera gel supplements had an analgesic property.

The mice showed improved tolerance to pain when subjected to the writhing test subsequent to the administration of aloe vera.

According to another animal study conducted in Tamil Nadu, India and published in the International Research Journal of Pharmacology, the whole leaf extract of aloe vera was found to appreciably diminish the pain in albino rats in a dose-dependent manner. It was also found to have significant anti-inflammatory property.

What does it mean? Aloe vera has an analgesic property which helps in relieving pain caused due to ulcers formed in the stomach. Aloe vera has an analgesic property which helps in relieving pain caused due to ulcers formed in the stomach.

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How Do I Make My Horses Coat Shiny

Add liquid oils to the diet. Almost all oils will have a positive impact on coat shine. Cold pressed flax/linseed oil, canola or soybean oil or any oils that have been fortified with omega fatty acids are particularly effective. Despite low omega fatty acid levels, rice bran oil and coconut oil are also good for coats.

What Were The Results Of The Study

The result of the study shows a significant reduction in the GERD symptoms at an interval of both 2 and 4 weeks of treatment in all the groups.

The aloe vera group showed a reduction in all the GERD symptoms at both 2 weeks and 4 weeks as compared with the baseline or untreated patients.

In the omeprazole and ranitidine group, the frequency of all assessed symptoms of GERD was also reduced significantly compared with the data recorded at the start.

A trend in the increased frequency of heartburn was seen in all the groups at 4th week as compared to that at 2nd week.

Adverse events resulting in two drop-outs each from omeprazole and ranitidine groups while no drop-out took place from the aloe vera group.

This indicates that the side effects from the omeprazole and ranitidine were intolerable to the patients as compared to the relief these chemicals give.

While aloe vera show the least side effects and these few side effects were comparably tolerable.

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Increasing Popularity And Validity Of Using Aloe Vera

Many years ago, one of my personal horses had severe gastric ulcers. I was told could only be resolved with medications. Since I had already tried the traditional medication route for this mare, I chose to search out herbs for ulcers or a more natural approach. Cycling back to medications over and over again simply didnt seem logical to me.

This was prior to the study and education in natural health and care, that I have now but I cleaned her diet through removing synthetic feeds and supported her with Aloe vera gel for about 60 days. I had the vet test her about 45 days in and they reported that she was clear of ulcers although they wont credit the diet change and herbal use for the improvement.

Historically, Aloe vera is also known for its antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and cell-protective properties. Part of this is due to the fact that it contains complex sugars called mucopolysaccharides that support cellular health and function. All of these factors express why giving your horse Aloe vera is worth some thought.

Its commonly used to help maintain a healthy digestive system and has been slowly making its way to being a common recommendation of professionals to aid in healing gastric ulcers and supporting the proper pH balance of the hindgut.

New Study Examines Aloe Vera For Treating Ulcers In Horses

how to get rid of ulcer using Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Juice

0Plenty of turnout time and free-choice forage is the best defense against ulcers in horses, but there are also supplements that can help alleviate ulcer pain for affected horses.

Could supplementing a horses diet with aloe vera gel work as well as commercial products for reducing the effects of gastric ulcers? Researchers from the University of Adelaide in South Australia sought to find out in a recently published study.

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Aloe Vera Is An Antimicrobial Agent

Benefit confidence: High

An in-vitro study conducted by the University of Yuzuncu Yil, Turkey, found aloe vera to effectively inhibit the growth of common microorganisms that can cause infections of the wounds left due to the gastric ulcer.

Helicobacter pylori is a common causative agent of peptic ulcers. Aloe vera has been found to be antimicrobial in nature according to a research study published in the journal of Applied Microbiology and can efficiently inhibit the growth of the organism by causing cell lyses.

According to a study published in the Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology in the year 2017, aloe vera was proved to be effective against the most common pathogen E.coli.

The growth of the bacteria was inhibited by treating it with a low dose of 50 microgram/ml of ethanol extract of the aloe vera gel.

What does it mean? Aloe vera has antimicrobial properties that can prevent the gastric ulcer caused due to Helicobacter pylori and protect against infections of the wound left by the ulcer.

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