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Foam Mattress For Pressure Ulcers

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Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Seat Air Cell Cushion For Pressure Sore Relief

How to Set Up the Alternating Pressure Anti Decubitus Mattress Pad – Installation and Operation

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  • SKIN PROTECTING air cells conform to the contours of your body and facilitate blood flow to prevent pressure sores and soft tissue breakdown.
  • ADJUSTABLE seat cushion can accommodate bodies of different shapes and sizes with the inflation pump
  • 12 HOUR RECHARGEABLE BATTERY to keep you powered while on the move.
  • MAXIMUM PRESSURE REDISTRIBUTION is achieved with air cells that use air flow to distribute weight evenly across the seats surface.
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.

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Types Of Ulcerative Colitis

UC can be categorized according to the parts of the GI tract that it affects.

  • Ulcerative proctitis. In ulcerative proctitis, only the rectum is inflamed. Its considered a mild form of UC.
  • Left-sided colitis. Left-sided colitis causes inflammation in the area between the splenic flexure and the last section of the colon. The last section of the colon, known as the distal colon, includes the descending colon and sigmoid colon. Left-sided colitis is also known as distal ulcerative colitis.
  • Proctosigmoiditis. Proctosigmoiditis is a form of left-sided colitis. It causes inflammation in the rectum and sigmoid colon.
  • Extensive colitis. Extensive colitis, also known as pancolitis, causes inflammation throughout the entire colon. Its considered a severe form of UC.
  • Different tests can help a doctor diagnose UC. UC mimics other bowel diseases such as Crohns disease. A doctor will order multiple tests to rule out other conditions.

    Tests to diagnose UC often include:

    Higher Specification Pressure Reducing Foam Mattress

    These are required for patients vulnerable to pressure ulcers.

    These mattresses tend to be made of higher density foam or visco-elastic foam which conforms to the body contours. Cullum et al suggest that these types of mattress provide superior pressure reduction to the standard hospital foam mattress. Shear and friction may also be reduced with this type of surface. They often come with an extended warranty, against foam collapse, of up to seven years, depending on the manufacturer/company provider.

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    What Causes Pressure Wounds

    Weâve already learned about some of the causes of pressure wounds, but here is a quick recap:

    At the most basic level pressure wounds result from three primary contributing factors:

    • Sustained pressure. When skin and the underlying tissues experience prolonged contact against a surface such as a wheelchair or a bed, skin cells may be damaged and eventually die.
    • Friction. Friction occurs when skin is dragged across a surface. For instance, when a patient changes position or is moved by a caregiver. Friction is exacerbated when skin is moist.
    • Shear. Shear occurs when two surfaces move in the opposite direction for

    Utopia Bedding Padded Mattress Cushion

    Softform Bariatric Static Foam Pressure Relief Mattress

    This fitted and quilted mattress pad fits mattresses that are between 15 inches to 16 inches thick. The cover can securely wrap around the mattress with an elastic edge. Made from 100% polyester brushed microfiber with vinyl backing, this quilted mattress pad promises excellent durability. The construction, especially the sewing, is high-quality.

    The padding is not too puffy and the elastic edge ensures that the mattress cover will stay flat and taut. The mattress cover owes its ultra-soft texture to its fiber cushion filling. This padded cover is not only for comfort but also for better body contour and shape retention.


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    Criteria For Considering Studies For This Review

    Types of studies

    We included published and unpublished randomised controlled trials , including multiarmed studies, clusterRCTs and crossover trials, regardless of the language of publication. We also included RCTs with particular designs . We excluded studies using quasirandom allocation methods .

    Types of participants

    We included studies in any population, including those defined as being at risk of ulceration, as well as those with existing pressure ulcers at baseline .

    Types of interventions

    Eligible studies included foam beds, overlays or mattresses. We included studies where two or more mattresses were used sequentially over time or in combination, where the mattress of interest were included in one of the study arms.

    We included studies comparing eligible foam beds, overlays or mattresses against any comparator defined as a support surface.

    Comparators could be:

    • nonfoam surfaces, including: alternating pressure air surfaces such as alternating pressure air mattresses, reactive air surfaces , and nonfoam and nonairfilled surfaces , or
    • a different type of foam surface.

    We included studies in which cointerventions were delivered, provided that cointerventions were the same in all arms of the study .

    Types of outcome measures

    Primary outcomes

    We did not consider subjective outcome measures as measures of pressure ulcer incidence.

    Secondary outcomes

    What Is An Alternating Pressure Mattress

    Alternating Pressure Mattress systems provide pressure therapy and redistribution by filling and un-filling air cells within the mattress so that contact points with the body are reduced. The changes in air pressure are modestevery other air cell deflating slightlybut enough to relieve pressure points on the user. Entry level mattresses have preprogrammed treatment times or cycle times, generally every 10 minutes. While more advanced mattresses systems feature compressor or blower units that allow you to select treatment time options of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute cycles. At the completion of the selected or pre-programmed treatment time, the deflated cells will refill to the original firmness , while every-other-cell from that point deflates slightly.

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    Amount Of Time Spent In Bed

    Since a bedsore can develop when blood supply to the skin is cut off for more than 2 to 3 hours, anyone who spends a majority of the day in bed – especially if that person isnt very mobile – is at risk for developing a pressure ulcer. The more time someone spends immobilized in bed, the more risk there is that skin issues will develop.

    Preventing Pressure Ulcers: Choosing A Mattress

    AQUACEL® Foam Application – Sacral Pressure Ulcer

    01 December, 2004By NT Contributor

    Heidi Guy, RGN.

    Tissue Viability Nurse, Pirton Wards, at Lister Hospital, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

    Pressure ulcers are a costly health consequence, both in terms of personal suffering and economics .

    In 1992 the Health of the Nation Targets set by the Department of Health recommended an annual reduction in pressure ulcer incidence of 5-10 %. However. a recent European prevalence study, albeit using a different indicator of frequency, demonstrated a UK hospital prevalence of 21% . The incidence of pressure ulcers remains high in spite of the introduction of specific benchmarks for pressure area care .

    Pressure ulcers can potentially develop in all age groups, with both intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to the risk . It is believed that most can be prevented, although there is debate about whether a minority of ulcers are inevitable .

    As with many health consequences it is necessary to determine a patients risk of developing a pressure ulcer. There are several risk assessment tools, which can be used for this purpose, for example Braden and Waterlow . There is limited evidence to show that one tool is more effective than another. NICE advises that risk assessment tools be used as an memory aid and do not replace clinical judgement.

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    What Type Of Mattress Should I Choose

    If you want a mattress specifically for a hospital setting, it is important to know what kind of bed you are working with. Is it powered electronically with a remote control? Do you have to adjust it manually? Is it a bariatric bed for a heavier patient? Once you have answered these questions, you need to choose a mattress that best accommodates your loved ones health condition and is most suited for alleviating or even eliminating their symptoms. Here are the most common types of mattresses that you should consider:

    Marathon Advanced Care Memory Foam Mattress

    If you are willing to stretch your budget a bit, this hospital bed mattress offers a unique experience of great relaxation and optimal support. Featuring several layers of multi-density foam and infused liquid gel, .

    Its strong base is not too hard on the back, but does not compromise on firmness either. The symmetrical foam layering is responsive to weight and temperature, morphing into the perfect position and shape for your satisfaction. As your body sinks in, you will feel cradled and snug, while your back receives steady support.

    Most new mattresses relieve stress on pressure points through even weight distribution. This mattress does all of that, in addition to keeping the bed cool during the entire night. It uses an innovative gel memory foam that drains heat from the body and prevents the spume from cramming and building up heat. This should provide a cooler sleep experience, even if the patient struggles with night sweats or hot flashes.

    Moreover, unlike other models, this item returns to its original shape after each use. The medium firm core and durable materials protect the mattress from damage, allowing it to last longer than its traditional innerspring counterparts.

    It also has a certification from CertiPUR-US and does not contain any flame retardants, formaldehyde, ozone-depleting substances or other harmful chemicals. Additionally, it comes with a removable cover made of vinyl that is anti-fungal and fluid-proof.



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    Pressure Redistribution Foam Hospital Bed Mattress By Medacure

    This mattress from Medacure is quite popular among patients, and for all the right reasons. Mainly designed for hospital beds, this product is known to evenly distribute a persons weight across the surface. This improves circulation and lowers any risk of bed sores, which may happen due to constant pressure on specific points.

    Designed with 3-tiered foam, this mattress not only helps prevents bed sores but also provides ultimate levels of support and comfort. It is known to promote airflow throughout, so there is no chance of any heat or moisture getting trapped. Therefore, you will have a peaceful sleeping experience every time you use this.

    One of the best things about this product is the nylon cover that covers it. The cover is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about spilling anything on it. It is also removable, so even if you do get any stains, you can easily zip it off, get it cleaned with no hassle, and put it back on.

    Along with all these qualities, this product is great in the size department too. It comes in 5 different sizes, so you can get one that fits your height and other needs. The mattress is also very easy to install, as it decompresses immediately upon delivery and is ready for use. All these qualities make it a great buy.



    Which Mattress Material Can Best Help My Bed Sores

    Harvest Reflect 2 Pressure Relief Foam Mattress

    To alleviate pressure sores, youll need a mattress that can contour to your body, following its shape to relieve pressure. This means memory foam might be the best option. Memory foam is flexible and can follow the curve of your body to relieve pressure on the areas most likely to experience pressure ulcers, as well as pressure points that may experience pain without proper contouring.

    If memory foam is too hot or unresponsive for you, consider a memory foam hybrid instead. Hybrid mattresses are more breathable and more responsive than pure memory foam mattresses.

    This means hybrid mattresses that feature memory foam comfort layers can offer you the cooling and bounce you want while retaining memory foams contouring to give you the pressure relief you need.

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    Was The Allocation Sequence Randomly Generated

    Yes, low risk of bias

    The investigators describe a random component in the sequence generation process such as: referring to a random number table using a computer random number generator coin tossing shuffling cards or envelopes throwing dice drawing of lots.

    No, high risk of bias

    The investigators describe a nonrandom component in the sequence generation process. Usually, the description would involve some systematic, nonrandom approach, for example: sequence generated by odd or even date of birth sequence generated by some rule based on date of admission sequence generated by some rule based on hospital or clinic record number.


    Insufficient information about the sequence generation process to permit judgement of either Yes or No to be made.

    Finding The Best Mattress For You

    Determining the best mattress for you is a highly subjective matter. Every sleeper has their own idea of the perfect firmness level. The ideal bounce and support depend on a persons sleeping posture and weight. The right mattress can also differ based on whether a person has a bed with others, if they are hot to sleep on and also, of course the cost.

    With all the factors mentioned Its difficult to say that theres a single best mattress. Weve broken our top picks into distinct categories, so you can find the best bets among specific mattress types and elements of mattress performance.

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    Best For Moderate Bedsores

    The 3rd-ranked choice is the MedMattress Pro Care Med-Surg Mattress for Pressure Relief by DiaMedical. This high-quality foam mattress is ideal for patients who have a moderate risk of developing a pressure sore, including older adults with limited mobility or individuals recovering from activity-limiting injuries. This pressure-relieving mattress features a dual-layer foam core for extra support and is topped with a 2-inch layer of cool gel for increased comfort and to prevent sagging.

    The bed also has a distinctly firm edge compared to other foam models on the list, which helps with easily getting into and out of the bed. This is especially helpful for fall reduction in older adults, so it would be a great choice for anyone at a higher risk of falls who needs a moderately-supportive foam mattress. Finally, it has a slope heel section to prevent sores in this area.

    Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress For All Sleepers

    INT Medical Alternating Pressure Redistribution Turning Mattress 5800 Pressure Ulcer Prevention

    Leesa Legend Mattress

    Price: $$$

    The Leesa Legend has two layers of pocket springs and microcoils for hip and shoulder support, plus four layers of CertiPUR-US certified memory foam for plush comfort. The top layer of medium-firm foam provides body contouring to relieve pressure.

    The hypoallergenic cover is made with organic cotton and Merino wool. Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking, helping maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature year-round.

    Leesa uses some recycled materials, including recycled steel as well as polyester made from water bottles.

    The mattress was designed for comfort and support no matter what position you sleep in. Reviewers mostly say the Leesa Legend is soft yet supportive in all the right places.

    Its important to look for a mattress that will work with your body type and preferred sleep positions.

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    The Best Products For Preventing Bedsores

    • Elixair Medical

    Pressure Pads and Pumps

    When laying on a bed, your weight is rarely distributed evenly. There are certain spots on your skin that experience more pressure, and this is where decubitus is likely to form. The best way to prevent those ulcers from forming then is, naturally, to prevent excess pressure on common points like the tailbone, hips, and spine. Pressure pads with air pumps can help with this.

    These mattress pads have over a hundred air cells, which can inflate and deflate to more evenly distribute a persons weight while lying in bed. The pressure in the pads also alternate in a steady cycle, changing the amount of pressure on the body. With more even weight distribution and cycling pressures, sores are much less likely to form on the skin.

    Adjustable Beds

    If you or a loved one is on bedrest or otherwise unable to leave their bed, its essential that you change their position on a regular basis. Of course, this is difficult for many people to achieve. The patient may be unable to move enough on their own to sufficiently change position, and a caretaker may not be constantly available to help them move each hour .

    Mattress Toppers

    Pressure Relief in a Wheelchair

    You may also benefit from the use of an extra pad or cushion on your wheelchair seat. Be sure to avoid the use of a donut cushion, as this can put extra pressure on surrounding tissue. If your wheelchair pad become flat or thin, replace it to meet your pressure needs.

    What Is A Hospital Bed Mattress

    Some people require specialized mattresses if they are sick or if they have reduced or impaired mobility.

    A traditional mattress may not suit certain medical conditions, may aggravate them, or cause pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores.

    Pressure ulcers due to a combination of factors. Prolonged external pressure on tissues causes a lack of blood flow to the affected area. Impaired drainage from the lymphatic system may also contribute to the development of sores.

    Compared with traditional mattresses, hospital bed mattresses work better for preventing and relieving pain from pressure sores.

    Hospital bed mattress manufacturers use different materials in their products than regular mattress manufacturers. These materials are similar to those found in traditional mattresses and include:

    Hospital bed mattresses should also be waterproof, antimicrobial, and easy to clean. These features ensure the mattress meets medical-grade sanitation standards.

    The head, leg, and bed heights are typically adjustable with hospital mattresses, and they can bend with the adjustment of the head and legs.

    Just like a traditional mattress, a good hospital bed mattress should provide appropriate support and comfort.

    The only way to know whether a mattress may suit someone is to test it, where possible.

    Below are some of the best hospital bed mattress options for a person to consider.

    The mattress also comes with a shear, 2-way stretch cover that reduces friction and is water-resistant.

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