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Allevyn Dressing For Pressure Ulcers

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Dynarex Hydrocolloid Dressingthin 2 X 2 Inch

3M V.A.C.® Simplace Dressing Application on Sacral Pressure Ulcer
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Hydrocolloid Dressings provide a sterile, moist, insulated healing environment. They are used on uninfected, partial or full thickness wounds with low amounts of exudate. The DynaDerm Hydrocolloid Dressing provides a sterile, moist, insulated healing environment that remains permeable to moisture, vapor and oxygen to accelerate the healing process.

Used for uninfected chronic and acute wounds, hydrocolloids may be left on for several days depending on the amount of exudate and the condition of the wound. The longevity of the dressing makes it an ideal economic treatment option for the right wounds.

Provides a moist insulated healing environment permeable to moisture, vapor and oxygen. Promotes faster healing for uninfected wounds. Lower absorbency level, best suited for pressure ulcers/injuries at stages 2, 3 and 4.

Primary or secondary dressing to manage partial and full thickness wounds.

4.1 x 3.1 x 5.1 inches 3.84 Ounces
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Trial Demonstrates Effectiveness Of Dressing To Prevent Onset Of Pressure Ulcers

Smith & Nephews ALLEVYN LIFE multi-layer polyurethane dressing was used for hip fracture patients.

Allevyn Life Foam Dressing With Adhesive Border


Designed for controlling exudate, ALLEVYN Life Dressings combine hydrocelluar foam with a hyper-absorbent core that draws in and holds onto wound fluid. As this occurs, a masking layer minimizes the dressings appearance for a more discreet experience in day-to-day activities.

This listing is for the ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressing with Adhesive Border. For other forms:

How Do ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressings Work?Each ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressing:

Uses a Multi-Layer DesignThis construction helps cushion the wound while evenly distributing pressure to create a more comfortable experience. As well, a silicone contact layer offers cleaner and more comfortable removal.

Adapts to the BodyEach ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressing features a quadrilobe shape and a wide border. This combination better fits the bodys shape to provide more secure wear, including as the patient showers.

Holds onto ExudateEach ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressing locks in and holds onto exuddate, even when compression is applied. Construction holds onto leaks to prevent macteration and helps control odor. A change indicator clearly shows when the dressing is ready to be removed.

Allows for Less-Noticeable WearThe masking layer offers a combination of protection and less-conspicuous wear concerning strikethrough. The dressing, as a result, draws less attention as the patient goes about their day.

Full- and partial-thickness wounds

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Which Wound Dressing Is Best For Your Pressure Ulcer

Now that weve touched on some of the more common types of dressings used for pressure ulcers, you may be wondering which is the best for your particular situation. The answer will depend on multiple factors including where the pressure ulcer is located, how severe the bedsore is, and the degree of skin and tissue damage. Talk to your health care professional about any pressure wounds you notice on your body as soon as possible.

Amerigel Wound Hydrogel Dressing 1 Oz

ALLEVYN Adhesive Sacrum Foam Dressing
  • This gel helps provides relief from cuts and scrapes
  • The effective formula helps reduce the risk of contamination
  • Gel form offers a convenient and precise application

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Product Description:AmeriGel wound dressing keeps wounds moist and clean, helps prevent against infection, can be applied to deep wounds and will replace multiple products.

AmeriGel wound dressing is classified by the FDA as a hydrogel, indicated for use on stages I IV pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic skin ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns, post surgical incisions, cuts and abrasions.

AmeriGel wound dressing contains oak extract , an astringent derived from tannins, which provides antimicrobial, antifungal and inflammatory properties, as well as an aggressive autolytic debrider.

Do not use if there is a known allergy to oak or oak pollen. AmeriGel wound dressings natural formula is safe and effective for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, pressure ulcers, diabetic skin ulcers, stasis ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns and post surgical incisions.

Advanced AmeriGel wound dressing promotes healing through its unique ability to address multiple wound concerns simultaneously. Oakin works to provide broad spectrum infection control for bacteria and fungus commonly found in wounds that can delay the healing process and increase wound complications.

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How To Apply Allevyn Non

  • Cleanse wound in accordance with local clinical protocols.
  • Select an appropriate dressing size. ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive can be cut to fit awkward areas.Always use a clean technique when cutting the dressing. When used under compression therapy, the dressing must be cut to the size of the wound.
  • Prepare and clean the skin surrounding the wound area and remove excess moisture. Any excess hair should be clipped to ensure close approximation to the wound.
  • Remove ALLEVYN Non-Adhesive from the pack using a clean technique.
  • Apply the white face to the wound ensuring good contact and secure with a dressing retention sheet , tape or bandage.
  • If the dressing has been cut ensure any exposed foam areas are covered with an appropriate film dressing taking care not to cover the entire dressing.
  • Buy Smith and Nephew Allevyn Non-Adhesive Dressings, Wound Cleansers, and Negative Pressure Pumps online from a set aside SDVOSB Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business medical supplies company like Mountainside Medical Equipment that is certified with the United States Government.

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    Silicone Adhesive Multilayer Foam Dressings To Prevent Pressure Ulcer

    The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
    First Posted : February 22, 2018Results First Posted : April 26, 2021Last Update Posted : April 26, 2021

    The objective of this study is to determine if silicone adhesive multilayer foam dressings applied to the sacrum, heels and greater trochanter in addition to standard prevention reduce pressure ulcer incidence category II, III, IV, Unstageable and Deep Tissue Injury compared to standard pressure ulcer prevention alone, in at risk hospitalised patients. In particular, this trial extends previous trial results obtained in ICU setting. Therefore, only a maximum of 25% of patients will be recruited from ICU settings.

    Condition or disease

    Pressure Ulcer Device: Allevyn® brand silicone adhesive multilayer foam dressingsDevice: Mepilex® brand silicone adhesive multilayer foam dressings Not Applicable

    A multicentre randomised controlled open label parallel group medical device trial in approximately 8 hospitals in Belgium.

    Patients will be randomly allocated to three study arms based on a 1:1:1 allocation:

    Study arm 1 :

    Study arm 2 :

    Study arm 3 :

    Experimental: Study Arm 1

    Allevyn Life Successful In Helping To Reduce Pressure Ulcer Onset Study Suggests

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention ADERMA Dermal Pad Heel Application

    Feb 16, 2018 | Research | 3 |

    Smith & Nephew plc announces the publication of a study demonstrating that adding ALLEVYN LIFE multi-layer silicone adhesive foam dressing to a standard care protocol can help reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers by 71% in elderly patients admitted to a hospital for hip fracture.

    The study, published in the International Wound Journal, included 359 patients aged 65 or over, who were divided into two groupsone group received standard care, and the other received standard care with the addition of an ALLEVYN LIFE dressing applied to the sacrum.

    According to the study, 15.4% of the patients who received standard care developed a pressure ulcer, as opposed to only 4.5% of the standard care-plus-dressing groupresulting in a 71% reduction in pressure ulcer incidence.

    Our research shows that ALLEVYN LIFE is effective at reducing the rate of pressure ulcers in the sacrum in elderly patients with hip fracture. The excellent adhesiveness of this device also enables costs to be kept down, says Professor Cristiana Forni, Head of a research nursing centre, Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, Bologna, Italy, and the studys first author, in a media release from Smith & Nephew.

    Many global experts and professional bodies state polyurethane foam dressings should be considered for use prophylactically on bony prominences in anatomical areas subject to friction and shear, states Dr Andy Weymann, chief medical officer, Smith & Nephew.

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    What Types Of Wound Dressing Can Be Used On Bed Sores

    By Nursing Home Law Center

    In order for bed sores to heal, attention must be paid to the removing dead tissue and protecting the wound from infection causing bacteria. Dressings are usually applied to help the body heal itself. The type of dressing and the frequency with which it is to be changed is ordered by a physician with the application and changes carried out by nurses.

    Many patients with bed sores suffer additional harm when the staff responsible for caring for them fails to follow medical orders with respect to the frequency with which dressings are to be changed. If dressings are not changed according to orders set forth by a physician, the healing of the bed sores may be delayed and perhaps become infected.

    The most commonly used dressings used to treat bed sores include:

    Absorptive Dressings: These dressings are either applied directly to the wound or on top of other primary dressings. Absorptive dressings are intended to remove the drainage from the bed sore that may impede healing. Most absorptive dressings are changed on a daily basis. However, excessive drainage from a bed sore may require more frequent dressing changes.

    Common types of Absorptive dressings include: Medipore, Silon Dual Dress, Aquacel Hyrofiber Combiderm, Absorbtive Border, Multipad Soforb, Iodoflex, Tielle, Telefamax, Tendersorb, Mepore and Exu-dry.

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    Related Information

    Allevyn Life Foam Dressings Overview

    Smith & Nephew Allevyn Life Foam Dressing is an advanced foam wound dressing for the care and prevention of highly exuding wounds, including pressure ulcers. The Allevyn Life Dressing redistributes pressure, minimizes leakage, and its dressing change indicator reduces waste and unnecessary changing. There are five distinct layers, with a central core that effectively locks away moisture to prevent leakage and odor even while under pressure. The extra comfortable padding distributes pressure, making it a top-rated foam dressing for pressure ulcer prevention. A gentle silicone adhesive will safely and confidently keep the dressing in place for seven days.

    Allevyn Life Advanced Wound Dressings are available in multiple sizes and shapes to ensure the user finds the best-fitting dressing for the wound type. Choose from three unique shapes: quadrilobe, heel, and sacrum.

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