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Ayurvedic Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

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Diet For Ulcerative Colitis:

How to treat ulcerative colitis through Ayurveda?
  • Dietary change may improve the condition of Ulcerative colitis. A person with ulcerative colitis need to modify their diet to help manage their symptoms.
  • There is not a single meal plan that fits everyone with ulcerative colitis, and diets are different for each patient. Depending on symptoms different types of diets recommended, such as:

Of Course I Had No Luck With The Remedies And Failed To See An Improvement In My Symptoms I Was Frustrated Every Time Someone Else Suggested Another One

I would always accept their suggestion, as it was much easier than trying to explain about UC and how there is no cure. Unfortunately there wasnt even one Indian remedy that I could say made me feel better or helped with my symptoms. My only hope was the prescribed medication from my doctors and consultant to help manage the disease. I was taking around 20 tablets a day and even these didnt prevent my colon from being so inflamed that emergency surgery was necessary.

If youre currently experiencing something similar, please dont feel obliged to try out a home remedy you know wont help just because a friend or family member recommended it. You should always speak to your healthcare team about the best ways to manage symptoms. For further advice, take a look at SecuriCares advice and support section.

I was frustrated by suggestions for homemade remedies ulcerative colitis is a disease, its not like IBS at all. – @leeshverma

Dos In Ulcerative Colitis

  • Physicians can provide a more individualized nutritional plan.
  • Old basmati rice , barley, mung dal, urad dal, saffron, coriander, cumin, fennel, navy beans, kidney beans, green lentils.
  • Cows milk and butter, goats milk and butter.
  • Almonds, water chestnut, pomegranate, banana, mango, limes, and kiwi fruit

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Doshas And Ulcerative Colitis

In Ayurvedic thought, when theres an imbalanced dosha, the life force is interrupted and can lead to digestive problems and waste buildup. Ulcerative colitis is thought of as a disease caused by Pitta pradhana Vata doshas, an imbalance between pitta and vata, in which vata is increased by pungent and bitter tastes.

Practitioners suggest avoiding spicy foods. In one clinical study, 43 patients with ulcerative colitis were treated for one month with the medicinal plant Udumbara kvatha basti , along with other Ayurvedic medications derived from plants that have antibacterial and antidiarrheal effects.

Researchers found that symptoms as well as the use of steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs were reduced by more than 80%. Red blood cells in the stoola primary sign of ulcerative colitiswas reduced by 93.02%. Hemoglobin in the blood increased by 16.76%. Steroid use was decreased by 87.32%.

What Are The Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

How To Treat Ulcerative colitis Flare in Ayurveda  Ideal Diet and Home ...

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis may vary and depends upon the severity of the inflammation and the part of the intestine where it occurs. In the initial phase of ulcerative colitis, most people have mild to moderate symptoms and about 10 percent of people can have severe symptoms.

The most common symptom of ulcerative colitis is diarrhea mixed with blood or pus and abdominal discomfort. Other signs and symptoms include

  • The urgency to have a bowel movement
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    Diet Also Plays A Very Important Role In The Treatment Of Ulcerative Colitis:

  • Juices of papaya, raw cabbage, carrot is really beneficial. Have these with adding little boiled water.
  • Small diet with frequent meals of soft cooked or steamed vegetables, rice, Dalia are advised to take.
  • Tender coconut water soothes the soft mucosa of the colon and hence is very helpful.
  • Cooked apple helps speedy healing of ulcerative colitis due to excess of concentration of iron, phosphorous and hence it is really valuable.
  • Avoid white sugar, white bread and other various white flour products, tea, coffee, salty food and spicy food items.
  • Include protein in your diet to avoid weakness of muscles and ligaments which in turn support the colon.
  • Use drumstick as it alleviates colitis.
  • Eat ripe bananas to treat ulcerative colitis because these are smooth, easy to digest and relieves constipation.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids to keep bowels clean.
  • Take complete test and avoid mental stress and tension.
  • Drink coconut water regularly.
  • Planet Ayurveda provides appropriate medicines and Ayurvedic treatment for all types of ailments. Our objective is keeping people disease free and healthy throughout the world as we believe that your health is our responsibility.

    Ayurvedic Point Of View

    All the reasons that irregularity Pitta are just answerable for advancing Ulcerative Colitis. These incorporate liberality in an excessive amount of contentions, consuming while sitting in front of the TV or strolling, viewing an excessive amount of violent films, extreme heat or exposure of the sun, exorbitant liquor and smoking, unnecessary mental movement, skipping suppers, fiery, harsh or stale and contaminated sustenances and so on. In Pitta constitution persons, Pitta gets irritated quite rapidly with the above elements and patients advance looseness of the bowels accompanied by bleeding loose bowels.

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    Colitis: Inflammation Of The Colon

    Colitis refers to inflammation of the colon. The disease results from prolonged irritation and inflammation of the delicate membrane which lines the walls of the colon, and almost always, the rectum. Colitis refers to inflammation of the colon. The disease results from prolonged irritation and inflammation of the delicate membrane which lines the walls of the colon, and almost always, the rectum.

    Generally, colitis is classified into two types:Specific: This happens due to protozoal and/or tubercular infiltrationsIdiopathic: This type is rare but the specific cause cannot be pinned down and is generally called ulcerative colitis. Amoebic colitis is the most common manifestation of this type.

    Chronic ulcerative colitis is a severe, prolonged inflammation of the colon or large bowel in which ulcers form on the walls of the colon. Currently, there is not much scientific/medical data on managing ulcerative colitis. Usually, the approach taken is to take antibiotics that act as intestinal disinfectants and control diarrhea.

    The psychological side of colitis also plays an important role. Research shows that stress and strain can act as causative and aggravating factors. This is why the psychosomatic aspect of this disease must also be taken into consideration when treating the patient.

    Double Black Pro Ingredients

    How to treat ulcerative colitis through Ayurveda? – Dr. Mini Nair

    As a Crohn’s disease treatment and Colitis treatment, our nutritional supplement unique Formula Includes these components:

    Wormwood Artemisia absinthium is a well-known traditional herb, mentioned in almost all books of herbal medicine in the western world. It is traditionally used for many health disorders.From the research: “Wormwood suppresses tumor necrosis factor-alpha and accelerates healing in patients with Crohns disease A controlled clinical trial”.More research on Artemisia annua L. and its derivatives, especially artemisinin and other metabolites will help to increase the knowledge and value of A. annua and its constituents. Phenolics from Artemisia annua consist of coumarins, flavones, flavanols, phenolic acids, and miscellaneous. Artemisinin has attracted much attention from scientists due to its potent antimalarial properties as secondary metabolites. Moreover, more attention is focusing on the roles of artemisinin and its derivatives in treating obesity and metabolic diseases. They also have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antiprotozoal, anti-helminthic, anti-fungal, anti-angiogenic, and antiproliferation properties. The antimalarial drug artemisinin from Artemisia annua demonstrated remarkably strong activity against Helicobacter pylori, the pathogen responsible for peptic ulcer diseases.

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    How Ulcerative Colitis Occurs

    In general, the bodys immune system produces temporary inflammation to compact any infection or illness. In some cases, the immune system remains active even after the infection subsides. White blood cells continue to enter the lining of the intestines and produce chronic inflammation and ulcers. This is an autoimmune condition. Where some scavenger cells starts killing the healthy cells of the body.

    This type of misbehaviour of cells is linked to DNA of cells somewhere. Where all the information stores in the body. When this information corrupts at any level, that leads to the improper working of these cells.

    This complicated pathology makes the condition of Ulcerative colitis, hard to treat. The steroids only work to keep the immune system on hold. Therefore these medicines, suppress the symptoms. But as soon as medicines are withdrawn, problem start appearing again. Being a center where we are working on autoimmune conditions, Sukhayu Ayurved may be a place where you can get complete cure for the condition.

    So lets discuss the viewpoint of Ayurveda about disease and details about Ayurveda treatment of ulcerative colitis.

    Home Remedies For Ulcerative Colitis Treatment In Ayurveda:

    Ulcerative Colitis Treatment in Ayurveda Home remedies are very effective to control and manage the symptoms. It works naturally and do not cause any side effects. Some common home remedies are given below :


    Rose is cool in nature and work as anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-parasaitic. It will help in balance the vitiated pitta dosha and reduces the symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis.

    How to Use:

    You can chew a few rose petals on a daily basis to relieve burning sensation in the stomach.

    Or, soaked a few amounts of rose petals overnight in water and drink that water in the next morning with an empty stomach.


    Pomegranate juice is very effective to fulfil the nutrients lost in case of ulcerative colitis. It neutralizes the acids in the stomach, reduces the inflammation, treat digested related problems, and reduces symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

    How to Use:

    You can make a fresh juice of pomegranate and drink it empty stomach.

    Or, take 100-150 ml of pomegranate juice and add one tablespoon of yastimadhu powder in it. Drink the remedy once or twice daily for arresting loose motions.

    Fenugreek Seeds:

    Fenugreek seeds are very beneficial in maintaining the functioning of digestive system. The seed contains a high amount of mucilage which reduces hyper acidity, heart burn, acid reflux improves the appetite and soothing the gastrointestinal inflammation.

    How to Use:


    How to Use:

    A person can eat the two three bananas regularly.


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    Stress Leads To Ulcerative Colitis

    Stress seems to play an important role in all sorts of diseases including ulcerative colitis. As we discussed, it’s just the inflammation of internal layer of the colon. All inflammatory reactions are flared up by stress. If we don’t attribute the stress as a causative agent to this disease but we have to include this as a major reason for flare ups and obstruction in healing. So it is very important to keep the stress at minimal level to attain state of remission and care ulcerative colitis permanently.

    Facts On Ulcerative Colitis

    • Ulcerative colitis is closely related to Crohns disease. Crohns disease is also an inflammatory condition of the intestine.
    • Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition with an unknown cause.
    • The difference between Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis is that ulcerative colitis affects the inner lining of the colon. In contrast, Crohns disease may affect any portion of the intestine and includes all layers of the bowel wall.
    • There are different conditions that relate to this condition. The two most common are Raktaja Atisara and Sannipataja Grahani.
    • Ulcerative colitis affects both men and women equally.
    • Although ulcerative colitis is a worldwide health issue, it is more common in northern Europe, England, and the United States.
    • More than 50% of patients who have ulcerative colitis have mild symptoms.
    • Symptoms of ulcerative colitis may differ from person to person.
    • Ulcerative colitis is rare in the black population and rarely seen in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.
    • First-degree relatives of patients with ulcerative colitis are at increased risk of developing this disease. However, the all-over risk is small.
    • Western medicine has no cure for ulcerative colitis.
    • Ayurveda has complete treatment for this condition.

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    I Recommend It For Digestive Inflammation

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    How This Combination Helps You

    Our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack is a complete solution for ulcerative colitis. It has the perfect mixture of the effective herbs described in Ayurveda as the best anti-inflammatory, sedative, carminative, antifungal, anti-allergic, and anti-bacterial herbs.

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    Plan Of Study And Treatments

    • Proforma compiled with detailed clinical history and physical exam of the patients.
    • Investigations like Hb g%, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Stool routine – microscopy and colonoscopy
    • After confirming the diagnosis 43 patients were given the following treatment
    • Udumbara kvatha 40 ml/two times a day
    • Lodhra tvak churna 1 g + Musta moola churna 1 g + Nagakesara churna 1 g + Mukta panchamrut rasa-125 mg / three times in a day with water .
    • Kutaja Ghana vati 1g / three times a day.
    • Udumbara kvatha basti daily for one week and then twice a week for the next three weeks.

    This treatment was given for a study period of one month.

    Medical / Allopathic Line Of Treatment:

    Ulcerative Colitis Testimonials | Ayurvedic Treatments

    Medical drugs are quite potent and might provide you faster relief compared to Ayurveda, but on mid to long term basis, it is always best to let go off the harmful medications as much as possible.

  • Anti-Inflammatory offers symptomatic relief
  • Steroids – Immunity Suppressing drugs have lot of side effects when used for over 12 weeks
  • Strong Disease Modifying Agents or ImmunoSuppresants: Have strong side effects, almost every one wants to get rid of these
  • Hospitalization Medications during Acute Flares Up – Bleeding, Diarrhea, Intense Pain – For few days to weeks
  • Surgery in really serious and chronic conditions.
  • Note: Never hesitate to seek medical treatment during acute flare ups and aggravated conditions. These episodes often happen in life. It might be seem harmful but in short term, it could relieve the condition faster. After stabilization, again follow Ayurveda and Lifestyle with greater zeal.

    It takes more time with entire Ayurvedic treatment plan if you are moving from 1st to 2nd line of medical drugs. If you are on 3rd line of medication, it takes much more time with Ayurveda. And so on. And it is true for most chronic health conditions.

    Ayurvedic treatment takes more time if you are moving from 1st to 2nd line of medical drugs. If you are on 3rd line of medication, it takes much more time with Ayurveda. And so on. And it is true for most chronic health conditions.

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    Causes Of Ulcerative Colitis

    The cause behind the ulcerative colitis is not known. However, the researchers believe the overactive immune system results in the inner lining of the colon.

    Risk factors that play a role in the development of colitis include:

  • Genes If your parents or relatives have ulcerative colitis, your chances of acquiring this disease increases. Also, recent studies have identified specific genes that may play an important role in developing ulcerative colitis.
  • Immune disorders People suffering from any immune disorder are more likely to develop ulcerative colitis.
  • Infection Viruses, bacteria, and antigens may trigger the immune system.
  • Environmental factors Environmental conditions such as certain foods, cigarette smoking, lack of hygiene and diet may trigger ulcerative colitis.
  • What Are The Causes Of Ulcerative Colitis

    The exact cause of ulcerative colitis is not known. Though, according to modern medicine, one possible cause is an immune system malfunction. When the immune system tries to fight off an invading bacterium or virus, an abnormality in the immune system causes the immune system to attack the cells in the digestive tract too. Stress and diet aggravate this condition, further.

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    My Experience Set Me On A New Life Path

    The diet literally saved my life, and the wisdom that I discovered from this experience is what motivated me to open my own practice for personalized holistic healing when I returned to the States.

    I still go to regular checkups with my gastroenterologist and take medication as required. But I also closely monitor what I eat and remain on top of my daily meditation and yoga practice as prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor.

    My experience taught me that its never just the disease that needs to be treated, but the whole body.

    Ayurveda About Cure Of Ulcerative Colitis


    Ayurvedic diagnosis of any condition depends on the three doshas. Once we are sure about the involvement of the doshas, we can make a proper understanding about the disease.

    Till now, Ulcerative colitis is loosely analogized with different diseases and treatment is given according to these conditions. Because of the involvement of the blood along with loose motions, this condition is mostly called Raktaja Atisar. Which translates into Diarrhoea with blood.

    When we look at the reference of the same, Charak Samhita says-

    | ||

    So, except the presence of the blood in the stool, there is no similarity in two diseases. The condition of the diarrhoea with blood doesnt seem like a complicated condition like- ulcerative colitis.

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    Permanent Cure Of Ulcerative Colitis With Ayurvedic Medicine

    Ulcerative colitis is one of the most common diseases in this generation and is becoming quite common due to the changing lifestyle as well as changing eating habits. It is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes long-lasting inflammation and sores in the digestive tract. As well as, affects the innermost lining of the colon and rectum. Symptoms usually develop with time rather than suddenly. In modern medicine, there is no cure for ulcerative colitis but this disease can be permanently cured by various natural remedies and by taking precautions in the diet. Allopathic treatment involves only reducing the signs and symptoms of the disease which can even bring about remission but ulcerative colitis can be cured by herbal remedies without any side effects.

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