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Air Mattress For Decubitus Ulcers

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Try To Maintain Nutrition

Ozocheck Anti Decubitus Air Mattress

There is a strong correlation between nutrition deficits and pressure ulcer risk. If your loved one has an appetite, try to maintain adequate nutrition with nutrient-rich foods . If his appetite is waning, offer supplements such as Ensure or Boost to help bolster nutrition.

Nutrition is often a problem in palliative care patients and its important to note here that you should never try to force your loved one to eat.

Reduce Friction And Shear

Friction is the rubbing of skin on an external surface, usually bed sheets. Friction to the most commonly affected areas can be reduced with protective devices. Heel and elbow cradles are typically made of egg-crate material and Velcro on.

Skin protecting dressings, such as films and thin hydrocolloid bandages can protect the skin from repeated friction but wont help reduce pressure.

The most important thing you can do to prevent injury from the friction is to make sure you dont create any yourself when youre repositioning your loved one. Use a draw sheet to help you lift your loved one off the bed when you lift and reposition.

Shear is created when the deeper fatty tissues and blood vessels are damaged by a combination of friction and gravity. The best way to avoid this type of injury is to avoid a semi-Fowler and upright position in bed. A semi-fowler position is where the head is raised less than 30 degrees and upright positions more than 30 degrees.

Now, you obviously cant avoid these positions all of the time. Many patients need to be semi-Fowler to help ease shortness of breath or prevent gastric reflux and all patients need to be in an upright position to eat safely.

To minimize the risk of shear injury in a semi-Fowler or upright position, take precautions to prevent your loved one from sliding down in bed. You can do this by raising the foot of the bed and propping the knees up with pillows.

Types Of Support Surface

Support surfaces are often described as pressure reducing, pressure redistributing or pressure relieving. Reducing indicates that the surface uniformly reduces the pressure over a greater surface area. Redistributing indicates that high pressure points are redistributed to create an even pressure distribution. These two types of surface definitions are synonymous.

Relieving indicates that the surface completely relieves pressure for periods of time and only applies to alternating systems.

The support surface can be a base mattress lying directly on the bed frame, an overlay which lies on top of the base mattress or a replacement which lies directly on the bed frame.

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So Many Choices Of Support Surfaces

Support surfaces such as medical grade beds, mattresses or overlays are widely-used in patient care to relieve pressure on the body with the aim of preventing and treating pressure ulcers. There are many types from which to choose. They can be made of a range of materials . Whatever the materials used, a support surface belongs to one of two general categories:

  • reactive surfaces, which apply a constant pressure to the skin, unless a person moves or is repositioned or
  • alternating pressure surfaces, which regularly redistribute the pressure under the body.

Drive Medical Med Aire Low Air Mattress

Romsons Nosor Anti

Lets welcome the Drive brand mattress that always satisfied their users. However, It is an 8-inch mattress replacement system, which is enough for the patient. From this unit, you can get each of the 20, 8-inch deep air bladders that are easily removed and replaced. However, it made with quality materials such as nylon cover and strong zip.

The zip allows you to remove and clean easily and comfortably. You can also get from this unit a fully digital control box. The full mattress dimensions 80-inch L x 36-inch W x 8-inch H that is enough for any sizes of people. The pump airflow is 8 LPM, and the weight limited capacity 350 LBS that is enough for a quality mattress.


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Selecting Alternating Pressure Mattresses

The type of therapeutic support surface needed for a patient depends on a number of factors including advanced age, poor nutritional status, hemodynamic instability, and comorbidities.

As a rule, alternating pressure mattresses are appropriate for patients at highest risk for skin breakdown or who have existing decubitus ulcers . This includes:

  • Patients with Braden Mobility Subscale scores of 1 or 2 and Moisture Subscales of 3 or 4
  • Patients with multiple stage 2 pressure ulcers on the torso that have worsened over the past month
  • Patients with large or multiple stage 3 or 4 pressure ulcers on the torso
  • Patients who have had skin graft surgery within the past 60 days to repair a pressure ulcer on the torso

Hybrid alternating pressure/low air loss mattresses should be used for patients with Braden Moisture Subscales of 1 or 2. The constant air flow is needed to facilitate evaporation and maintain a therapeutic microclimate against the patients skin.

What Is A Low Air Loss Mattress

Reducing heat and moisture is an important component of any pressure ulcer prevention program. Low air loss is a feature that provides a flow of around the surface of the mattress to assist in managing the heat and humidity of the skin. Tiny laser micro air holes in the top surface of the mattress blow out air which reduces skin interface pressure and wicks away moisture. This keeps the skin dry and helps with the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. There are two types of Low Air Loss Mattresses: On-Demand Low Air Loss, and True Low Air Loss. Mattresses with On-Demand Low Air Loss have a Low Air Loss Mode that can be turned off and on. In comparison, a True Low Air Mattress runs the feature continuously.

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Padding Positioning And Turning In Bed

How to Set Up the Alternating Pressure Anti Decubitus Mattress Pad – Installation and Operation
  • Use a regular schedule of turning at night. Depending on weight and skin tolerance, your turning schedule may vary from every 2 to every 6 hours. Ask your health care provider for advice about a turning schedule. When turning and moving in bed, lift rather than slide across sheets.
  • Use pillows and foam pads to protect bony areas. No two skin surfaces should rest against each other!
  • Unless your doctor tells you to do it, avoid elevating the head of your bed, which can put too much pressure on your buttocks and lower back areas.
  • For individuals at the highest risk for pressure sores, your health care provider may prescribe a special mattress, mattress overlay or bed for long-term use.

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How Do You Use A Hospital Air Bed Mattress For Patients

Hospital air mattresses are easy and efficient to use. Quality air beds are accompanied by electric air bed pimps. Rather than blowing the mattress yourself, you simply attach the pump to the air bed, and it will inflate in no time.

Bruce McClain20-Oct-2018

Bruce McClain is a medical equipment manufacturing specialist offering advice on durable and disposable medical products. Bruce has spent his professional years in becoming a top name in the areas of occupational therapy, ergonomics, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation. He has had a stellar experience in the medical field by working for a top medical equipment company. Bruce has garnered a large online following for himself as an expert medical thought leader. He aims to empower caregivers by spotlighting innovative devices and interventions to achieve … Read more

Special Devices That Can Help You

In addition to turning and repositioning frequently, using a special surface to reduce or relieve pressure can help a great deal. The simplest of these is an egg crate mattress. Many hospice and home health agencies provide these free of charge but they are relatively inexpensive at your local department store.

If your loved one is spending a lot of time up in a chair, egg crate chair pads are also available. An egg crate surface helps distribute pressure more evenly, helping minimize the amount of pressure on one area.

A step up from the egg crate mattress is an air mattress overlay. This type of surface is placed on top of a mattress and typically alternates air pressure in various columns. When using an egg crate mattress or an air mattress overlay, its still important to maintain the turning schedule. These devices dont replace frequent repositioning.

The big guns of pressure-relieving devices are the fluidized air mattresses. These special mattresses contain silicone-coated glass beads that become fluid when the air is pumped through them. These mattresses do a wonderful job of relieving pressure but they have their downside.

The frame of the mattress makes transferring to and from bed difficult. And if the person wants to sit up in bed, a foam wedge would probably need to be used to help support their back. This mattress is really best suited for palliative care patients who are fully bed-bound, have severe pressure ulcers, and are in a lot of pain.

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What Factors Go Into Bed Sore Risk

Bed sores most often form when the skin covering the bony parts of the body are under constant pressure. The most common surfaces for pressure ulcers include the heels, ankles, hips, tailbone, knees, shoulder blades, and the back of the head. Once the sores start developing, the skin around the affected area may initially look red, feel itchy, or even feel warm to the touch. Ultimately, they can spread deep into the underlying muscle and bone the results can take anywhere from days to years to properly heal.

Many of the risk factors correlate with age , smoking habits, dry skin, limited mobility preventing changes in position, mental status, incontinence, malnutrition, and any physical restraints that might be necessary. They can occur when someone is bedridden or otherwise immobile, but also on patients who are unconscious or unable to sense pain.

Another bed sore risk is friction injury. Its a kind of rug burn when the top layer of skin separates from the dermis or bottom skin layer. One step further than a friction injury is skin shearing, which is the combination of pressure and friction that affects the outer and inner layers of skin. These pressure injuries can be incredibly painful and lead to other medical conditions.

What Is A Pressure Mattress

Medical Hospital Sickbed Alternating Pressure Air Mattress with Pump ...

A pressure mattress is designed to increase comfort for an individual suffering from pressure sores. The mattress provides high levels of support for the head and body to relieve any mounting stress on pressure points. Pressure relief mattresses differ from a regular mattress as they have carefully designed air pockets, specifically designed to place less pressure on the main pressure points in the body.

There are three main types of pressure relieving mattresses:

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No Evaluation Of Their Effectiveness

Jane Nixon, lead for the study and Professor of Tissue Viability and Clinical Trials at the University of Leeds, said The professional guidelines tell healthcare staff that they should use specialist foam for all at-risk patients and high-tech air- mattresses for patients with an existing pressure ulcer when adequate pressure distribution cannot be achieved.

But in practice, some nurses provide high-risk patients as well as those with existing pressure ulcers with the high-tech air mattresses and there has not been any evaluation of the effectiveness of one type of mattress over another.

Some patients find the air mattress unsettling. They are kept awake by the noise of the pump, feel unsafe because the mattress is moving, or just find them uncomfortable.

Rehabilitating patients also complain that they cant move around themselves or get in and out of bed and that exacerbates already limited mobility.

What Does Current Guidance Say On This Issue

NICE published a guideline in 2014 on the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. This recommends using a high-specification foam mattress for all adults who are admitted to secondary care or at high risk of developing a pressure ulcer in primary and community care settings. It also says that high-specification foam mattresses should be used for adults who have a pressure ulcer.

Trusts currently consider the use of a dynamic support surface, such as an alternating pressure mattress, based on clinical circumstances and local guidance.

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Some Of The Options Available To Hospitals And Healthcare Centres Are:

  • For patients at lower risk of pressure ulceration, Bubblemat Overlay with 130 alternating cells is a suitable option.
  • The premium 3, 5 and 8 alternating pressure mattress overlays are great affordable options for patients at risk of bedsores. The 12-minute air pressure cycle ensures the proper flow of blood in the patients body. They are waterproof and has static head cells to avoid disturbance while sleeping.
  • Further on, the 10 pressure mattress system is the hospital-grade air mattress replacement system. They are ideal for patients who at a high or very high risk of developing bedsores and pressure ulcers. They maximize therapeutic comfort and healing effect.

Deflating air mattress for a hospital bed is crucial to provide comfort to patients.

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Can Using A Waterbed And An Air Mattress Together Relief Pressure Ulcers

KosmoCare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress MM1 for Prevention of Bed/Pressure Sores.

While there is limited data showing how a waterbed could be used to treat pressure ulcers, there are a few studies which have shown correlations in recovery and care. A waterbed’s delicate nature, as well as revolving air pressure in an air mattress, could provide significant relief to individuals suffering from bed sores.

If youre thinking about employing a waterbed to treat or help care for a loved one, consult your doctor to discuss the best strategy of care.

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How To Get A Low Air Loss Mattress Covered

Medicare. The Medicare criteria for a low air loss mattress will vary slightly from one area of the U.S. to another. Beginning criteria for payment by Medicare are:

  • multiple pressure ulcers on the body trunk and pelvis
  • use of a Group 1 pressure relieving device for 30 days
  • documentation of participation in a comprehensive ulcer treatment program
  • documentation that the wounds have either worsened or stayed the same over the past 30 days.

Medicaid. Coverage criteria by Medicaid will mirror that of Medicare in the state in question.

Third-Party Health Insurance. Third-party health insurance guidelines for coverage will vary from one insurer to another. To determine benefits, contact the benefits department of the insurance for a summary of benefits for Durable Medical Equipment . Then, determine if there is a deductible to be met and/or a co-pay to be paid.

How Does A Pressure Mattress Work

Pressure mattresses are designed for those with pressure ulcers . Pressure sores occur when an individual spends prolonged periods of time in the same position and typically occurs in those with restricted mobility and/or poor skin integrity. It is crucial to get the right type of pressure mattress for the right grade of bed sore in order to maximise patient comfort.

This blog will explain what a pressure mattress is and how it differs from a regular mattress. It will also show how a pressure sore mattress works and how they are effective for increasing comfort for those suffering from bed sores.

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Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Seat Air Cell Cushion For Pressure Sore Relief

as of January 16, 2022 2:55 pm


  • SKIN PROTECTING air cells conform to the contours of your body and facilitate blood flow to prevent pressure sores and soft tissue breakdown.
  • ADJUSTABLE seat cushion can accommodate bodies of different shapes and sizes with the inflation pump
  • 12 HOUR RECHARGEABLE BATTERY to keep you powered while on the move.
  • MAXIMUM PRESSURE REDISTRIBUTION is achieved with air cells that use air flow to distribute weight evenly across the seats surface.
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.

How Do Air Mattresses For Hospital Bed Work

Romsons ORSORE Anti

As mentioned above, the air cylinders in the alternating pressure mattresses are placed parallel to each other. The air moves in a sequence from one cylinder to another to perfuse the blood in areas which are at higher risk of developing pressure ulcers. When one cell gets inflated, the other one gets deflated. This motion of air within the pneumatic mattress relieves the pressure on problematic areas of the body regularly, stimulating blood flow.

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